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Innovative Program Brings Together Local Businesses and Veterans

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The Tacoma-Pierce County Chamber recently launched a new program to help bring together veterans with local businesses to create win-win solutions and successes. The organization's new Veteran and Business Services program partners the Chamber and Workforce Central. In this partnership, the program endeavors to aid Chamber member employers to understand the benefits, skill sets, and knowledge that veterans contribute to a work environment. Local businesses also get the benefit of having direct pathways to gain access to veterans to potentially hire.

At the helm of this program, is Greg Movat, local business owner, Chamber member, and a veteran. He brings not only decades of varied business skills and business/employee development experience to the table; he also brings his personal passion and heart.

"The goal of this program is to facilitate, support, and encourage businesses to retain veterans," said Mowat.  "The thrust of the program is to bring a higher profile in hiring vets and to show what great employees vets make. They offer a lot of great experience, skills, and attitude."

Mowat said he the chamber will provide linkage for employers with good programs out there and to serve as a conduit to bring businesses and veterans together.

Mowat understands the challenges veterans face when it comes to employment. When his service ended and he returned from Southeast Asia, he, like other veterans, struggled.

"I understand the transition and how daunting it can be after the service," explained Mowat. "When I came back, it took me at least a year to get my feet back under me and adjust to the civilian world."

Mowat also wasn't sure at that time what he was going to do going forward.

"There were no programs back then to help," he noted.

Mowat, through the Veteran and Business Service programs, aims to provide that link to offer new opportunities, growth, and hope to all of those involved.

As the program builds, Mowat envisions recognition programs to businesses that hire veterans and other acknowledgements.

For local businesses interested in employing veterans or those that wish to learn more information about this program, contact Greg Mowat by phone at (253) 682-1724 or via email at For additional information on the Tacoma-Pierce County Chamber, please visit their website at

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