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Life insurance and the military

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Life insurance and the military

Have you ever searched the Internet to get answers to various insurance programs specific to the military lifestyle? Did you put your contact information into one of those sites that promises to get insurance quotes from 50 or more companies, only to find out the flood of calls lighting up your

How would you spend an $81,000 re-enlistment bonus?


How would you spend an $81,000 re-enlistment bonus?

  The latest re-enlistment bonus list released by the DoD stated incentives to stay in the military are running as high as $81,000 for select MOSs – a reason some might change their MOS to reap these larger payouts, or stay in the service longer to get the signing cash. But what


Military may soon sue for medical negligence

Each year, more than 250,000 deaths in the U.S. are caused by medical negligence. Many more suffer short- or long-term impacts. Families struggle to find answers and hold medical professionals accountable for their actions, but it is not simple, particularly for military members.   Since 1950, the Feres Doctrine has prevented active-duty

Buying a local car via text or email


Buying a local car via text or email

    If you are less concerned about taking a test drive or getting whiffs of that new car smell from lots of different vehicles, you might consider negotiating your next car deal without leaving your house. Adam Nunn, whose dad served 20 years in the Air Force, recently bought a car via

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JBLM starts to re-open more services

  (Ranger Staff & JBLM release)   Cases of COVID-19 on Joint Base Lewis-McChord continue to slow along with the rest of the state Lt. Gen. Randy George, I Corps and base commander said Tuesday during a regular scheduled townhall meeting via Facebook. “(Lower cases) means its easier to maintain readiness and return to

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Reservists have rights at work

  The last thing reservists and National Guard members called to duty should expect is to find their civilian job no longer there when they return. Yes, employers face burdens and inconveniences when an employee leaves for an extended period of time, but laws are in place to protect military members.


Should you own two homes?

  It is bound to come up in a military homeowner’s mind. Should you keep your current home and rent it out while buying another home at your next duty station?   An expert at Harborstone Credit Union says you need to know how VA loans work before boxing yourself into a corner.   Seeing

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Local COVID support for military

  It’s nice to have someone on your side, especially during these uncertain times when your household income may have dropped and the future isn’t clear.   Harborstone Credit Union, with a branch on Joint Base Lewis McChord, is supporting that effort through its Financial Navigator program.   Think of it like having a trusted


GI Bill/TA lets you do self-paced schooling

Do you want to go back to school, but not on someone else's schedule?  However, in the past, you thought the GI Bill and Tuition Assistance didn't count for self-paced programs? You can earn that certificate, associates, bachelors or master's degree on your own schedule using your military education benefits. You

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Virtual schools impact JBLM

The impact of local school districts going virtual only this fall is a priority for all senior leaders on Joint Base Lewis-McChord said Col. Owen Ray, I Corps, during a townhall meeting Wednesday.AD: Tricare covers depression help in Lakewood and Lacey - TMS is a no-drug and successful program.  START

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