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  • yazzie said:

    You left out the part where she slept with her married instructor


  • RDIGlobal Services said:

    We've produced a video of the Ft. Bliss, Texas Museum as a means to help the private sector understand the contributions made by the military. ...

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  • Rhianna Lake said:

    We have work with the HIRED program often and have enjoyed it very much. The students that have come to us have been well behaved and very eager...

    in JBLM teens can get hired through the CYSS apprenticeship program

  • seth guyer said:

    I am an active duty member of the Air Force working as security forces. i will be separating soon and joining my wife at fort lewis mcchord who is...

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  • Redmond Merrell said:

    The Air Force is looking to get rid of?

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