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Puyallup has well-crafted food

Arista Pasta helping to elevate tastes in the valley

Spaghetti and meatballs: It’s all about the mozzarella. Photo credit: Jake de Paul

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ANNOUNCER: It's not that Puyallup hasn't been turning out better and better food, it's just that they haven't been doing so in the same numbers as Tacoma.  But, more and more, it is easy to say, that foodies can find finely crafted food in the valley - and Arista Pasta is certainly a fine example of that.

JASON: Overall, I enjoyed my experience at Arista - the menu is small but interesting and the location easy to find.  I didn't like the tale of two rooms, however.  You enter into a low-lit, nicely decorated, great energy room, but you might have to walk through that one only to get seated in the back room which is overly bright for dinner, cold, and unappealing.  Advice - ask for a front room seat, or wait until they will guarantee it.

JAKE: I was seated up front - maybe they took one look at you brother and decided you wouldn't be good window candy.

JASON: They also don't have a web site or online reservation system, which in 2017 is odd.

JAKE: The spaghetti and meatballs has a unique twist of forming the combination of seasoned beef, pancetta and steak around mozzarella cheese.  Served three large atop thick pasta and covered in a rich Bolognese red sauce, this is not your mother's pasta.  I loved it.

JASON: One look at the menu and you know the chef cares a lot about ingredients.  They use items like local mushrooms, grana padano, wild forged sea bean, and taro root puree.  They boast they source a lot locally.

JAKE: As a lasagna fan, Arista's may just be the best I've ever had.  The ultra-thin layers of pasta allow for the flavors of Italian cheeses, pancetta, brisket and beef to seep with flavor through the layers, and the addition of balsamic offers perfect balance.

JASON: They apparently change menus each month.  The steak they offered in February cut like butter - a nice-sized tenderloin with blueberry and red wine reduction that will satisfy any red meat lover who likes a little sweetness on the side.
JAKE: Creativity is taken to a whole new level with the ravioli selection here.  Ravioli offerings include Buffalo chicken, smoked salmon, and a General Tso's chicken.  Each one fuses an unlikely pairing with the house made pasta.

JASON: I dallied in the Ravioli de Nero - smoked salmon pressed into pasta pillows with brown butter, shaved asparagus and baby tomatoes.  I loved the overall dish - the pasta was cooked perfect and the salmon was mild yet flavorful.

JAKE: If you have a sweet tooth, the dessert selection here is nearly the same as the pasta selection.  Ranging from cheesecake to four-layer chocolate cake, there is something for everyone.

Arista Pasta, 109 W. Pioneer Ave., Puyallup, 253.604.4288

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