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2019 Salute to Military Kids

kids signing contest, cartoon characters, games and more for FREE!

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While military members and their spouses choose a military life, their children do not.  But, those same kids have to make sacrifices for their country just like mom and dad.  They have to leave friends, change schools, go through life with a parent deployed ... sometimes to scary places.  The Ranger, Airlifter and JBLM Living newspapers, along with USAA are throwing a BIG, FREE party March 16 in Lacey to thank your kids for their service.  It is a day with visits by the Imperial Crew, story time with Rodney Raccoon and Snoopy, appearances by the Berenstein Bears, digital gaming, glitter tattoos and face painting, bouncies, kids singing, treats like cotton candy, games, prizes and so much more.  And it is all FREE!!

Please join us = RSVP HERE

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