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Fighting homelessness in Pierce County

United Way and Weekly Volcano team up to solve housing needs

Weekly Volcano staff volunteered at the Lakewood Area Shelter Association in November 2011. Photo credit: United Way

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When it comes to opportunities created within a community and the impact they have on individual lives, the United Way of Pierce County (UWPC) makes a positive difference.

"The United Way always provides the traditional safety net, the emergency services for those in need," says Sean Armentrout, vice president of UWPC Community Education & Resource Development. 

"We also work with leaders and subject matter experts to further the impact we have in the community."

Based on a 2003 survey seeking to identify the critical issues effecting Pierce County, the United Way focused on education, housing and health issues.

What resulted is a plan to improve the community as well as funding guideline for contributions made to the United Way's Community Solutions Fund.

Financial support to the UWPC helps fund 117 non-profit programs in 71 agencies. 

"When you donate, it is a smart investment in this community in which you live," Armentrout explains. "All of the dollars remain local and have a tremendous impact."

The Weekly Volcano has partnered with UWPC for this coming year, concentrating our efforts on housing needs and homelessness.

You can help

Homelessness and access to affordable housing is a critical issue for our community.  In 2010 - during a 24 hour annual "count" - 1,807 persons were counted as homeless. However, it is estimated that four to five times more people will be homeless during any year than can be counted on any given night. 

To donate money to United Way's effort to provide affordable housing to those in need, text HOUSE to 20222 and donate $10 to provide housing for all.

For more information on United Way's housing programs, click here.

LINK: Help Habitat for Humanity

LINK: Pierce County Community Connections

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