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December 9, 2012 at 4:05am

Congratulations to ALS Class 13-A

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JOINT BASE LEWIS-MCCHORD, Wash. -- Congratulations to the following Airmen who graduated Julius A. Kolb Airman Leadership School Dec. 6 at McChord Field, Wash.

Senior Airman Ryan W Anderson
Senior Airman Ryan M Bader
Senior Airman Kyle J Baldini
Senior Airman Kaelani R Brown
Senior Airman Dustin C Bullock
Senior Airman Brandon T Capley
Senior Airman Matthew A Cosper
Senior Airman Robert A Dominguez
Senior Airman Samantha N Dominguez
Senior Airman John M Drum
Senior Airman Thomas M Eddins
Senior Airman Aaron J Graham
Senior Airman Lauren V Greenwald
Senior Airman Mark A Harris
Senior Airman Stephen B Lanham
Senior Airman David W Luken
Senior Airman Jason C Marshall
Senior Airman Nicholas J Marvel
Senior Airman Amanda J Mattonen
Senior Airman Amanda N Mead
Senior Airman Patricia D Moyle
Senior Airman Matthew J Phillips
Senior Airman Kurt E Ranes
Senior Airman Adam H Seiwell
Senior Airman Steven J Smith
Senior Airman William C Snook
Senior Airman Ashley E Van Steenbergen
Senior Airman Michael A Vidick
Senior Airman Michael J Walden
Senior Airman Tory J Weber

Award Recipients
John L. Levitow Winner: Senior Airman Kurt Ranes
Commandant/Leadership Award Winner: Senior Airman William Snook
Academic Achievement Award Winner: Lauren Greenwald
Distinguished Graduate Award Winner: Lauren Greenwald
Distinguished Graduate Award Winner: Aaron Graham

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