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April 23, 2012 at 3:27am

Integrity in uniform

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When I put on my uniform every morning, I get particular about each item's accuracy and how identifies myself as an Airman.

Monday, it's my shirt: clean and crisp, my badges correctly aligned and wings straight, shoes polished. Tuesdays: blousing straps even, my uniform clean and sharp. From heal to head, as perfect a representative of the Air Force as possible.

As my commander, Lt. Col. Clinton ZumBrunnen, 10th Airlift Squadron, would say, "Would I pass the town hall test?" Would I pass the American peoples' scrutiny at a town hall meeting as a sharp and professional Airman, worthy of the trust and hefty price tag to train and equip me their "guardian of freedom and justice?" Do I have the integrity to wear my uniform correctly?

None of us are perfect, but we should always strive to be. It's obvious when others wear the uniform incorrectly. They might look sloppy; their hat crumpled, or shoes a mess and all within the first five minutes of showing up for work.

At the end of the day, your uniform speaks to the level of physical exertion required, your exposure to the elements, or the medical precautions that your job entails. All Airmen, regardless of their job location, should ask themselves this question, "Do I look professional in my uniform?" or "Do I even care?"

I would hope that you do care. Webster's Dictionary defines integrity as "In ethics, integrity is regarded as the honesty and truthfulness or accuracy of one's actions." Integrity is the cornerstone of our core values. How can we perform to our utmost abilities if we start our day not caring about our professional image?

We work hard for our country; we should reflect that pride and show America their investment in us is something that should fill them with pride. We should "pass the town hall test" each day.

From wing commander to newest Airman, wear your integrity like your uniform, clean and crisp, from boots-to-beret, from heart-to-headset, always with honesty, accuracy and precision. An Airman can do no less!

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