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Air Force vet offers free advice for those facing a new year and a new you

These unusual times gives us the time to consider changes in direction. Photo by Min An from Pexels.

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If there is a silver lining to COVID-19, it has certainly given many of us a little more time to sit home and reflect on what inspires us. And for some, it has re-ordered our priorities, or provided the imputes to consider a change in direction.

But how? How does one make a conscious choice to move forward in a new direction?

Air Force veteran Emory Lunsford, military liaison officer at Brandman University helps guide military personnel and their families down that path every day. Whether that future starts at Brandman, or somewhere else, he puts himself out there because he cherishes that role, and he believes in assisting military people transition into new possibilities.

"And right now, is the perfect opportunity," Lunsford said. "Before life re-opens up, and we all get busy again, now is the perfect time to set a new course."

Lunsford did that after his Air Force career, and he has helped hundreds of military and their families do the same. He said there are practical things you can do to help make a decision, even when it doesn't seem possible.

"I'll talk to anyone about it," Lunsford added. "I love to talk to people and help them figure out what will make them happy."

Lunsford had other advice, too. The tried-and-true book, "What Color is Your Parachute," is still out there helping frame thoughts around potential career paths. Lunsford also pointed to online quizzes, such as, to get the ball rolling. Finally, he told his own daughters to look at what jobs are available, or in other words, abundantly possible. "And both are doing really well," he added.

Lunsford also pointed to certificate degrees, which Brandman offers around 80. Before investing time and money into a full four-year degree, a certificate is a great way to dabble - to see what you might like. And, those certificates can then be leveraged towards a bachelor's degree if desired.

Still, want to talk through some ideas, call Lunsford - there are no strings attached. He can be reached at 360.701.5632 or email at


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