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Compete, deter and win

The Air Force budget request of $156.3 billion for fiscal year 2019 builds on the progress made in 2018 to restore the readiness of the force, increase lethality, and cost-effectively modernize. Secretary of the Air Force Dr. Heather Wilson said the budget request is aligned with the National Defense Strategy, prioritizing

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Air Force announces 100 percent promotion opportunity to major

In the latest move to restore the Air Force's readiness and lethality, senior leaders are taking a closer look at officer performance management with a focus on developing leaders and retaining the talented professionals the service needs. Over the last year, Headquarters Air Force has conducted research and developed recommendations on

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Air Force to lessen pilot shortage, added incentives to keep troops flying

Air Force officials announced three additional initiatives designed to enhance mission readiness by keeping pilots in the service and bringing retired pilots back to fill critical-rated positions. The first is an increase in the aviation incentive pay, commonly called flight pay, for both officer and enlisted aviators for the first time

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AF releases criteria for new valor "V", combat "C" and remote "R" devices

Air Force officials released criteria for the new "V", "C" and "R" devices, following the secretary of Defense's Jan. 7, 2016, authorization. Following a comprehensive Military Decorations and Awards Review in 2015, the secretary of Defense implemented several changes to ensure the Defense Department's military decoration and awards program continues to

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Senate confirms Wilson as Air Force secretary

Heather Wilson will be the next secretary of the Air Force, following her confirmation by the Senate May 8. Wilson, who is stepping down from her position as the president of the South Dakota School of Mines & Technology to take the post, is expected to be sworn in within a

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KC-46A approved for production

WASHINGTON (AFNS) - The KC-46A Pegasus program received Milestone C approval from Frank Kendall, the under secretary of defense for acquisition, technology and logistics, signaling the aircraft is ready to enter into production. Work is now underway to award the first two low-rate initial production lots within the next 30 days. "I

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Could Reaper come to McChord Field?

The Air Force released basing criteria, April 12, that will be used to select candidate bases for a potential new MQ-9 Reaper wing with units at up to two locations. The Air Force is pursuing additional locations to help diversify assignment opportunities for personnel within the MQ-9 enterprise, provide increased opportunities

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Service forced into tough decisions

The Air Force presented its fiscal year 2017 president's budget request Feb. 9 following the Defense Department and sister services' budget briefings. Maj. Gen. Jim Martin, the Air Force budget director, presented the service's budget request and said the fiscal 2017 budget request supports the defense strategy, resources combatant commander requirements,

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AF awards contract for next Air Force One

The Boeing Company was awarded a contract Jan. 29 for risk reduction activities for the Presidential Aircraft Recapitalization program, which will field the next Air Force One. This is the first contract the Air Force has awarded for this program. Additional modifications will be made to this contract in the future

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Air Force announces aviator bonuses

Eligible active-duty aviators have until Sept. 30 to apply for the fiscal year 2016 Aviator Retention Pay or Critical Skills Retention Bonus programs, Air Force officials announced Dec. 15. "The cost to train and develop our airmen is a significant investment for the Air Force," said Air Force Chief of Staff

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Dwell time, PT exemptions for new AF mothers increase to one year

The six-month deferment for female airmen to accomplish their fitness assessments following childbirth will be increased to 12 months to align with recent changes to the deployment deferments, Air Force officials announced July 14. The deployment deferment policy, as part of the Air Force's 2015 Diversity and Inclusion initiatives, increases the

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