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VA home loan answers, next to where you work

America’s Credit Union invites you to visit for free advice

Stop in to America's Credit Union to learn about VA home loans. Photo credit: America's Credit Union

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You could search the internet for hours to learn every in and out of a VA home loan, or, during your next lunch break, stop in at America's Credit Union (VA LOANS) on Joint Base Lewis-McChord and allow them to fill you in the easy way. Getting answers to questions right there, without lag time, is a huge advantage, especially when you have a unique situation not covered by a general website.

Why not figure it out yourself?

There is so much to know when taking advantage of your benefits as a military member. Buying a home, likely the biggest purchase of your life, is certainly made easier when you understand how and when to use a VA loan.

Did you know that you can use a VA home loan more than once, and even potentially have two at the same time? Are you aware of your current cap in VA loan benefits? Are you up to speed on when a conventional loan is better? 

ACU does.

Traci Frazier, Mortgage Production Manager at ACU, said her credit union is an expert when it comes to helping military find a new home, or refinance one. And they have been doing that since the 1950's.

ACU has three locations on base, and several in the community, and each one is available for appointments. There is no obligation to learn how ACU works, and they are experts in helping military, from active duty to retirees.

"We will take the time with you to find the best solution for your next home," Frazier said. Sometimes, that might mean not choosing a VA loan. "We want our military members to get the best loan they can get," she added.

"There are unique situations when going with a conventional loan is better," Frazier said.

Unique to military is the discussions around owning a home here and keeping it as you PCS and purchase a second home at your next duty station. Before making that decision, Frazier recommends sitting down with ACU to look at those options, especially being mindful of VA rules and regulations.

To own one home through the VA, keep it, and get another, ACU can help you discover your remaining entitlement and advise you on the best way to structure your loan terms. First, you cannot buy two at the same time. But, you can own two, as long as you have purchased it as your primary residence and use it as a rental property once you PCS.  

And if you need more cash for you next home purchase or moving expenses, you can discuss equity loans with ACU too.

Your next step?  Make an appointment at ACU. Start by calling 253-591-6871 or emailing


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