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Tuesday, April 16: Cusses

The New Frontier Lounge

CUSSES: The band's live show is a juggernaut of high-energy. Photo courtesy of Facebook

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Receiving a lot of hype and mostly deserving it, Savannah's Cusses dual-twist punk angst/frenzy and down and dirty southern rock like rosy, freshly-pierce nipples. Born star Angel Bond belts it and struts like product of a Siouxsie Sioux/Karen O/Mick Jagger three-way. This is a festival band, folks. Their explosive, crushing riffs and powerful, fiery vocals will knock the New Frontier sign off the wall Tuesday. The real stunner will be when Bond kicks the sign hitting the kid with tight pants in the front row ... and he won't take his eyes off her for a second. 

THE NEW FRONTIER LOUNGE, 9 P.M., 301 E. 25TH ST., TACOMA, 253.572.4020

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