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Erika Wunderlich

Nordstrom assists her Saturday night

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Preparing to rip up a Saturday night is a challenge — struggling between not looking overly dressed or under-dressed, and ready for anything. Trying to pin down the right look, fabulous enough for nice restaurants or clubs and casual enough for pool halls and taverns. For 22-year-old Erika Wunderlich, the casual high-end fashion look is her signature style. She was spotted ending her night at the Irish Emigrant in Seattle's UW district in Citizen Jeans from Nordstrom, complemented by killer accessories. Jeans are the new slacks and look instantly chic paired with heels like Wunderlich's Nine West pumps. Her top lined with lace and coach bag add a playful sexiness that's club ready. Horizontal stripes are hard to pull off, making people appear wider than they really are.

Wunderlich avoids this by choosing a flouncy top that shows off her shape without sticking to it. She offsets the dark stripes with a lighter denim that draws the eye to her legs and petite frame. She tones down her high-end style with a hat from Zumies, giving her an effortlessly casual and glamorous vibe. Her rich brown hair pokes out from her hat in pig tails — styled at Gene Juarez. Earrings from Nordstrom Rack. She embodies the combination of classy sophistication mixed with sassiness and fun, and looks good in any location.

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