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Carmen loves Wyatt

Baby boy, cowboys and a 'waitress'

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He’s the one who is about to become one of the utmost important men in my life. He’s someone I already love so dearly and devotedly.

Wyatt is the baby boy in the body of my best friend from high school.

Beautiful Ashley and Sweet Pea Josh are expecting Wyatt to arrive on no other day than July 13. That’s Friday the 13. I hope it happens then because Ashley is such an amazing person that she’s always had the power to turn even the unluckiest day into magic.

Over the weekend I had the fortune of attending a baby shower for the little cowboy who will soon be in the center of my heart.

Ashley is one of my first friends to have a little bean. I guess you could say that my girls and I have been firm believers in contraception.

And I, for one, take that belief seriously because I’m not planning on having children.

I’m filled with complete respect for all of the mommas in the world, and especially for the hard work that they put in to help those little ones along; but I truly believe that I wasn’t intended in this life to be a mother to one, but rather, a mother to all.

With that, Wyatt’s safe arrival and life will be such a treasure to me.

I have so many hopes and wishes for him, several of which were represented in the gifts I gave to him last Saturday:

A sleeper with a baseball, basketball and soccer ball on it because I know he’ll be an athlete.

A bib that says, “I’m a rock star.”

A pair of baby sunglasses so he’ll always be cool.

A beach hat and a beach wrap because I want him to get in plenty of beach time.

A onesey that says, “I just pulled an all-nighter.”

A cowgirl doll because I always want him to have one.

Products like baby lotion and shampoo, because every cowboy needs product.

And, but of course, I was so happy to offer Wyatt his very first pair of cowboy boots.

The whole world is awaiting your arrival, Wyatt, and words can’t express how much I’m looking forward to it.

Troy is a cowboy, too

Yet another W occurred for my softball team on Friday. Holy crap, we’re in first place, and I can hardly believe that! To celebrate, I ran home and got fancied up in my new favorite white halter, my comfy jeans, and my jingle-jangle gold earrings, bracelet and purse.

I jumped into Doyle’s because The Husky told me that a star-studded cast was there. Several homegirls were in the house following their graduation from UW Tacoma, including Kendra, Jen and Aurora. Hug congrats, girls!

Lady Emmalee, Mushroom Maven, Mer, Paul, Doug, Mikey and Xitco Xpress were there, too. Gawd I love those peeps.

But the most interesting person I hung out with that night was Troy Moore. I’ll just say that you can find out everything you need to know about Troy by Googling him. He’s one smooth character.

Troy and I had a blast between drinking, laughing and telling stories. I’d kick it with that cowboy any day of the week.

Sing to me, baby

Following Wyatt’s baby shower, I met up with T-Bone, A-Love and D-Rod at South Sound Garage to catch No Quarter, the Led Zeppelin tribute band. I really can’t get over how much ass those guys kick and how well each of the performers nail the Zeppelin sounds and characters. After their acoustic set, Rock Star Carl and I ran up to Doyle’s for one last beverage before I hopped in my cab ride home.

More motherhood

After yet another softball game (this one a loss), I met up with The Husky, and we went to see “Waitress” at the Grand Cinema.

You really, really need to see this sweet little dead-pan comedy that’s about love, motherhood and pie-making.

Just like Jenna, I’m gonna make me a pie with a heart in the middle.

I’m Carmen, your new chameleon.  Drop me your favorite parties here.

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