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I’m not standing in lines

Amazing what you can get done when you don’t have a job

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So far this week I’ve experienced a set of sensations that I haven’t felt in such a very, very long time, and it all revolves around this:

Now that I’m completely done with my day job, I’ve felt oceans of relief about the fact that I no longer have to wake up to an alarm clock, and I can take care of so many cool things without sweating traffic or waiting in line.


It’s been at least 10 years since I was able to head to the Apple store at Southcenter on any day but a weekend. What would normally take more than two hours in waiting time was a 45-minute visit, and I scored Wi-Fi connections for my cute Powerbook G4, and a new iPod that is filling my ears with bliss.

And I have to send many, eternal thanks to Senor Gato for helping me set up a printer to this cozy laptop for the first time.


I also can’t describe how great it is to go grocery shopping and running other errands without waiting in line.


In addition, it’s been insane to watch daytime TV (I’m re-addicted to All My Children), mow the lawn, do laundry NOT on a deadline, work out whenever I want, eat several small healthy meals a day, and actually have a calendar that isn’t booked up three weeks in advance.


I’m also stoked that my benefits from my job are good until the end of this month, so momma’s gettin’ me a new pair of trendy glasses. Yah!


In addition to all of this daytime stuff, it’s been incredible to be hanging out with my friends who work in the restaurant industry or otherwise, and not have to sweat working the next day, while sipping on water as everyone around me has fun.


I’m workin’ on some contracts and freelance writing gigs so I can keep this lifestyle going, and things are lookin’ good on that end.


What’s the coolest is that school is just about to start and Friday I’ll be beginning my adventure with Evergreen and their master of public administration program.


The books for this year’s courses that I’ve ordered through Amazon have all rolled in, and all of the other time that I have now that I’m done with full-time work is being spent on devouring these books, and LOVING it!


I’ve gotten in touch with some of the fellow people in my program, and it’s going to be such an honor to finally meet them. Also, I’ve learned even more about the professors in my program who have accomplished such amazing things in forever shaping the government that you and I know today.


But for now, I’m about to head over to Awesome Andi’s house with K to the K because we’re going to have a dinner party to catch up and love on the fact that I ain’t got s*** to do.


But until next week, dear readers, let me give you sage words from one of the books that I’m reading for school:


“Learning is discovering the something is possible” from The Open Mind, Exploring the 6 Patterns of Natural Intelligence.



Tell me where you like to party at

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