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Party time, excellent

Carmen gets back to basics

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Now that my time is drawing to a close at my job (by the time this paper comes out, I’ll have just one day left!), I’m able to focus on the things that matter the most right now:

  • Spending time with my best friends that have been neglected for way too long.

  • Getting ready for school (I can’t wait!!!).

  • And partying like a rock star just because I can.

Last Thursday Natasha and I buzzed up to Burien so we could hang out with some of our best friends from the best high school in the world: John F. Kennedy. I know this is gonna sound crazy, but if you haven’t been to Burien lately or ever, you really should give it a whirl. There are so many cute restaurants that are popping up in their downtown, and we had a blast at The Tin Room catching up with Colleen, Kate and Best Friend Ashley. We exchanged so many of the hilarious and embarrassing stories that can only be told around those who know and love you best. We also got to spend time with Kate’s darling daughter, Sam, who was such a charmer and very well-behaved. Colleen is expecting, and we gushed over what a pimp Ashley’s son, Wyatt, is and always will be.


And Natasha and I are still contending that we want to have nothing to do with poppin’ out puppies.

After fending off a gnarly head cold that I swore I wouldn’t get while de-stressing, I headed up to Seattle on Friday to pick up some beautiful purple stilettos from John Fluevog and spend some QT with Best Friend Colin, both of which consistently fill my heart with happiness.


Saturday provided for an even greater treat: It was Lovely Lauren’s birthday, and she looked absolutely stunning in her shiny silver dress, with her smoky eyes and a fresh haircut and sexy style.


To celebrate, 15 of us took on one of the private tables at Indochine, and we had such a great time sipping on fancy cocktails and sake and lovin’ on the Lazy Susan that spun with such DELICIOUS treats that you MUST try, including the fresh spring rolls, the crispy tofu and the firecracker fried spring rolls.


After gaining a healthy buzz, we headed to Magoo’s for a drink, then we adjourned to the Top of Tacoma, which was secretly decorated, just for Lovely Lauren.


Lady Bianca and Crandilly met up with us at the Top and immediately joined in on the fun that included round after round of grape and cherry bombs.


As the bar was closing, Natasha, Lady Bianca, Crandilly and I decided to after hours it at my house, where we drank Busch Light and danced on the window seats, and I completely lost my voice while singing along with the sweet songs.


After all these great times with some of the best friends that I’ll ever know, and now that I’m almost done with my day job, I just have one simple and fundamental thing to say to the world:

It feels so good to be free!

Tell me where you like to party at

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