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May 2, 2015 at 6:18am

Got your goat?

Since the dawn of Christianity, goats — those cute, prancing Capra aegagrus hircu we love to pet at the Puyallup Fair — have walked this earth as known associates of the Devil. In the Middle Ages, goats whispered lewd innuendos into the ears of innocent Saints. Thor stabled them to drive his Chariots. Fauns and Satyrs commandeered their bodies. And Satan stole their looks for his own illustrating their horns and beards in everything from the Black Mass to the pentagram.

Goats continued into modern times to show up despairingly in our lingo and idioms. If you allow people to walk over you, you’re a goat. Be silly — you’re acting the goat. Reside in Scotland and herd goats — well, where do you think the term “horny” comes from, huh?

Then something changed. In recent years, goat’s gained back, or maybe for the first time, received some respect. Although enjoyed for centuries in other places, diners in the United States enthusiastically embraced goat cheese. Sprinkled over arugula, baked in a tomato, mashed in potatoes — white, creamy goat cheese exploded on the restaurant scene, challenging all of us to maybe give the lowly goat its due. And now, are local diners ready to take the next step and separate the sheep from the goats? Or, in other words, eat the goats?

Might I suggest an easy dip into the genre?  The Green Coconut in Lakewood offers a goat curry that is both mild on the goat but flavorful in the sauce.  This Jamaican/Asian locale serves aromatic delicacies with an extensive Caribbean menu and some of the best beans and rice in the region.

The curried goat is drenched in a yellow curry with green onions and spices - moist and rich, just watch out for the tiny goat bones littered throughout.

So South Sound, embrace the goat.  Or in other words, it's time you got your own goat.

The Green Coconut is at 8813 Edgewater Dr. SW #102, Lakewood, WA 98499. 253-473-4444.  Click here.

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May 15, 2015 at 11:38am

Waves of chocolate and wine

Whether it's a date night or girls night out that you seek, you can hardly go wrong with wine and chocolate--the pillars of any evening on the town worth its salt. Fortunately for all, Waves of Perfection is here to turn the afternoon of May 23 into an unparalleled foodie evening.

Waves of Perfection serves as a fundraiser for the Squaxin Island Museum, which has tasked executive chef Victor Mortazavi with creating and executing an impressive lineup of wine, chocolate, crepes, cheeses and more. Crepes will be both sweet and savory. Expect such toppings as intense chocolate fudge and carmelized apples.

"Selections are really up to our executive chef and this is his creation," said Leslie Johnson, director of the Squaxin Island Tourism Department. "He’s handcrafting everything. They’ve hired a French chef and there will be several new selections made by him as well."

There will be nine wine stations with more than 100 wines to choose from between them. Mortazavi will hand select all wines to go with the food.

Along with food and wine, the museum will also host a raffle and small private auction. Raffle prizes will include seasonal goodies pertaining to all things spring and summer.

"It’s really a fun event. Usually when events end, people get up and leave, but they don’t do that at this one," adds Johnson.

The event takes place at the museum, but there will be buses running to and from the nearby Little Creek Casino’s main valet area every 10-15 minutes as well. If you don't want to worry about driving after copious wine tastings, take the bus to the casino afterward and sober up while playing the slots! The casino also has a special rate of $99 on the night of the 23rd for event attendees (limited rooms available). Mention "Waves" or show your ticket to get the discount.

Waves of Perfection takes place on May 23 from 3 to 6 p.m. at the Squaxin Island Museum, 150 SE Kwuh-Deegs-Altxw, Shelton, WA 98584. For more information or to purchase tickets, go to or call 360.432.3839.

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