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More than dogs

Cheney Stadium has a nice line-up of ballpark food

Cheney Stadium’s mac n cheese covered in BBQ pulled pork. Photo credit: Jake de Paul

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ANNOUNCER: Take me out to the ballpark means a lot more than fun and games - there is also a great line-up of food at Cheney Stadium. You'll not only find a number of items courtesy of Ivars, but also food trucks and several hot dogs from Tacoma's famed Red Hot.

JAKE: Going to a ballgame, I don't generally think of the food beyond beer, peanuts, Crackerjacks and a hotdog, but Cheney Stadium has partnered with local businesses to create a destination spot for some great eats.  The Red Hot, known for its creative hot dogs on 6th Ave., maintains a place behind home plate where you can actually get your peanuts (peanut butter), Crackerjacks and hotdog in one serving along with bacon, if you're feeling adventurous.  I'm a sucker for grilled onions and prefer the Northwester Dog, which adds cream cheese, fresh tomatoes and celery salt to a generous pile of onions, all for about $7.

JASON: I attend a lot of Rainier games, and literally I have had everything that they offer.  While it is not five-star cuisine, as far as ballparks go, the food is really good.

JAKE: Each game we attend, my son only grabs food at one place - the Bar-B-Q (with the Rainier's R of course), where he can get a cup of mac n cheese topped with BBQ pulled pork.  You can get a BBQ sandwich here with either beef brisket or pulled pork as well.  Another bonus is that it is located on the left field line just behind the R Bar, which means, you can still watch the game while waiting for your food - an important perk for the true baseball fan.

JASON: They added a number of new food options on the fourth deck by third base this year, and even a new bar with an outdoor fireplace.  

JAKE:  It's Greek to Me, another Tacoma staple, is also located down the left field line and serves the same tasty gyros that have kept them in business for so many years.  Served on a warm pita, it is packed with seasoned meat, tomatoes, and the Greek yogurt sauce that brings it all together.  Paired with your choice of chips or a pasta salad for $10.

JASON: I think I like the nachos best at Cheney, but you have to love them because they always take awhile to get.  They must make them to order. They aren't handcrafted - the cheese is like Velveeta, but the chips hold up well, the meat isn't watery, the sour cream and sprinkled cheese are a nice touch, and the portion size is big.  I also love the corn dog and cheeseburgers from Kidd Valley!

JAKE:  Another local treat is Bite Me Inc., where you can get a giant walnut and chocolate chip cookie served warm - yes warm.  But that is not all:  You can order cookies straight from your phone and have them delivered right to your seat so that you don't miss a single pitch.  The dough is made daily in Lakewood and baked on the spot at the stadium.  And don't worry, they sell Smith Brothers milk if you need it.

Cheney Stadium, 2502 S. Tyler St., Tacoma, 253.752.7707

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