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Vinny makes WA pie

West Coast take-out in Lacey

The pizza pie at Vinny’s has a crisp crust and plenty of cheese. Photo credit: Jake de Paul

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ANNOUNCER: The problem with identifying your menu to a region is that in our global world, there are always people from those places ready to discredit what you do.  Fair or not, New York Vinny's in Lacey gets the same bad rap on Yelp.  And having eaten there, the boys think the pizza is great, and who cares if it is or isn't authentic.   

JAKE: Their motto "Real pizza real fast" holds up here as I had a hot pepperoni pizza within minutes of ordering.  Made with a sweet marinara base that offers a fresh taste to a quick pizza.  The crust was crispy with plenty of cheese.  I was surprised that based on the name, it wasn't served as a giant NY slice, instead it came cut like any other pie. But for $6, I can't really complain.

The calzones are huge at Vinny’s. Photo credit: Jake de Paul

JASON:  I agree, the main takeaway is Vinny's makes a great, affordable pizza - just don't focus on the New York part.  

JAKE:  OK, I'll just put it out there. The calzones here are giant! One order is large enough to feed two to three adults.  Each one is stuffed with the signature sauce, plenty of cheese, and your choice of two toppings for just $10.  I ordered a sausage and mushroom that was packed with plenty of flavor inside, and then topped with garlic butter and parmesan cheese.  It takes a bit longer than the pizza, but well worth the wait.

: I liked the deep dish loaded with meat.  It was not soggy on the bottom, but rather, had a cheesy, meaty, thick consistency that filled me up fast.  As for the wings, the barbecue was excellent - a full pound for only $11 - well cooked, moist and sweet with a nice carmelized texture.  

JAKE: In addition to the wings, you can also choose a single serving of penne pasta with marinara for just $6. Or for a little bit more, you can add meatballs and even a side of bread.  Adding one of Vinny's sauces such as extra marinara, garlic butter, or BBQ can highlight your meal.

JASON: New York Vinny's is a take-out-only option with a couple stools inside while you wait. The staff were friendly and fast.  I like the place.

JAKE:  The refrigerated display at the front also offers a selection of salads, and even cheesecake if you're looking for that something extra.

New York Vinny's, 8205 Martin Way E., Lacey, 360.584.9116,

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