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Thirsty Hound Drinkery

Intimate, bright and just right for meeting with friends

The Thirsty Hound hot dog. Photo credit: Jackie Fender

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ANNOUNCER: Located on the corner of S 19th St. and Bridgeport Way, where Bridgeport changes to Jackson Ave., the Thirsty Hound Drinkery is answering the call of what this area needs -- a place to hang out and grab a drink. Add a few snacks, some comfy couches and you may just have yourself a recipe for success. Dutch and Jackie head in to grab a drink and do a little chatting of their own.

JACKIE: Though University Place plays home to a few culinary gems, for the most part, it's the hub of fast food chains with regard to the dining scene. It was nice to see a new space taking residence here. The Thirsty Hound has some charm. It boasts a neighborhood watering hole vibe -- with a small rail that is often full of locals looking for some friendly banter paired with a cocktail. For me, I love that I can pop in with the kids and grab a bite, or relax in the lounge-type area boasting comfy seating, dim lights and a fireplace.

DUTCH: I'm digging on the layout here. It's small and intimate with only a few tables, sofas and an L-shaped bar for seating, but at the same time is bright and inviting. It's just the kind of place where people can grab a drink, a shareable appetizer, and chat about their day.

JACKIE: The drink menu is pretty standard, you can score a Moscow Mule, Margarita and more, with a few fun spins on classics. It's not made for the craft cocktail crowd, but ought to please your palates all the same.

DUTCH: I expected more creative drinks from a place called a Drinkery and was surprised at the standard menu. However, they have the standards nailed! I ordered a Cadillac Margarita and it is served in a nice heavy lowball glass that fits perfectly in the hand. The drink was fresh and deserving of being served in a Drinkery.

JACKIE: Their hot dogs are solid. The Polish dog is of the big and juicy variety, and the buns are warmed, which makes all the difference. The Thirsty Hound Dog is dressed in house-made beer cheese, where white cheddar, smoked provolone and bacon play nice. You can also get the beer cheese as an appetizer, served alongside warm pretzel bread sticks. If you decide to start with the cheese plate, you'll be presented with a layout of crackers with a few cheese options, meats, grapes, olives and artichoke hearts. It's a great shareable starter.

DUTCH: This time I went for the special of the day which was the pulled pork sliders. The plate consisted of three sliders packed with BBQ pork. There was plenty of sweet sauce with just a little kick; so much so that I needed to eat over my plate to catch the pieces as they fell out of the bun at each bite. Additionally, there was a touch of crispy slaw for an added crunch and hint of freshness. A touch isn't nearly enough to get the full effect of the crunch -- a bit more slaw would have made the special a grand slam! Overall, this is a great new space with some creative ideas and once the opening dust shakes off, I'm convinced this place will be packed.

THIRSTY HOUND DRINKERY, 3-10 p.m., Sunday-Monday and Wednesday-Thursday; 3-11 p.m., Friday-Saturday; closed Tuesday, 1905 Bridgeport Way W, Suite 112, University Place, 253.302.5606

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