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More services opening on JBLM

Library, religious services, more

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A fresh batch of programs and services are opening on the base, Lt. Gen Randy George, commander of Joint Base Lewis-McChord told a town hall audience via Facebook, Tuesday.

The base library will open Wednesday, May 20 for curbside pick up only. Officials are still working out a system for those who don’t have a library card and/or the ability to check out books online.

While recycling pickup on base is still unavailable, bulk trash can be dropped at the Lemay Recycling Center in Frederickson for free at 4111 192nd St E in Tacoma.

The JBLM-Main Thrift Store will be open to take donations starting June 1. The McChord Thrift Shop annonced following George's update that they are not ready to announce a date for taking donations or opening.

Outdoor religious services and outdoor prayer meetings are now allowed for crowds under 50 people in unit areas conducted by unit chaplains. Religious studies and meetings are allowed for less than 10 people. In all cases, people must follow social distancing rules.

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The Northwest Adventure Center will open Friday and most rental equipment will be available.

The Arts and Crafts centers will open next Tuesday for curbside pickups. A catalogue will be avilable on their site in the coming days.

Announced this past weekend, Madigan is taking appointments for routine pediatric appointments and other care that requires face to face appointments.  All other services should be done through telehealth.  For baby delivery, partners can attend, but you must set this up in advance, call 253-968-1540.

Also clarified this weekend is that while barber shops opened Monday, beauty shops are still not open. Col. Skye Duncan, garrison commander said beauty shops may open later this week.

There was no changes to travel restrictions announced last week – service members can travel beyond the 50 mile radius during the day only, and the destination must be an outside park or trail.  There are no overnights outside of the home. For a list of last week's announcements, see them HERE.  Family members must follow Washington State guidance.

Washington State Gov. Jay Inslee also said Tuesday that if all goes well, starting June 1, some counties including Thurston could see restaurants reopen with some in-store dining, retailers provide some in-store purchases, and pet groomers could start work again. Inslee granted non-urgent medical and dental services to resume right away, Monday.

For an updated list on Washinngton State’s re-openings, see

For on base child care, Duncan said Parent Central is managing the process, and when slots are open, they will contact parents.  Open slots have been allocated. Addded slots may open next week, Duncan said.

Veterinary services are taking telehealth conferences, and curbside assistance and checkups are available. The lobby is still closed.

Items not announced Tuesday will open along with Washington State standards. If it is not announced, there is no specific date yet known.

To see what has already been opened on JBLM, click HERE.

Freedom Fest will be August 21-22, George said.  Friday will be a DONSA.  "We are talking right now what great band could be there," he said, asking for any suggestions, or calling for anyone with a great connection.

George said he is hopeful that the swimming pools on base will open this summer. He said assessments about openings are discussed every week.  He said if there is a spike in cases, likely the base would pause in place what it has already opened, rather than closing services.

Speaking to George's announcement that he will likely permanently close the D Street Gate on North Fort, he said the base has worked out that issue with the Clover Park School District.  He said school buses may have access to that gate.

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