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Life insurance and the military

Military life insurance is unique, choosing the right company is important

Service Life Associates specialize in military insurance programs, helping you find the solutions you and your family are looking for. Credit: File photo

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Have you ever searched the Internet to get answers to various insurance programs specific to the military lifestyle? Did you put your contact information into one of those sites that promises to get insurance quotes from 50 or more companies, only to find out the flood of calls lighting up your phone are full of insurance agents with no understanding of the military, active, reserve, or retired?

Don't even get them started about "war clauses" in contracts.

But mostly it is nice when you can get a real person on the phone who can help.

Enter Service Life Associates - insurance brokers who can not only address specific military related questions on the phone, but also who access the best from a number of companies to find the right life insurance programs based on each specific military member, active, reserve and retired. And they help all veterans find answers and solutions to their insurance needs.

Many of their agents are also retired military, namely because all they do is military insurance programs.

SLA's parent company started in the basement of the Pentagon in 1947 with the support of the General of the Army, Dwight D. Eisenhower "to ease the strain on military members and their families. At the time, life insurance that would pay a death benefit if the member was killed in combat was not available," according to their website. Nearly 650,000 members are part of the network now, and they have paid over $2 billion in death benefits since inception. SLA is also a founding underwriter of SGLI, and a VGLI conversion company.

But there is a lot more to SLA, including:

  • 24/7 coverage with NO war or terrorism exclusions
  • Coverage on and off duty with no hazardous, line of duty or occupational restrictions
  • Expedited death benefit
  • Optional spouse and child coverage
  • Survivor Scholarship (not available in Virginia)
  • Additional travel, health and financial service discounts and programs
  • A simplified application process right over the phone
  • A simplified underwriting and policy issue; no medical exam
  • Competitive pricing

There are several reasons to call SLA:

  • You're on active-duty and want additional coverage
  • You're deploying and want extra protection
  • You're transitioning out of the military and want to replace your SGLI coverage
  • You're a veteran looking for affordable life insurance

To reach SLA, call (202) 940-3660 or email

Service members can also call for face to face appointments in North Carolina, Texas, California, Colorado, Kentucky, Arizona and soon Washington state.


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