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PCS window dates and more

Plus: Added services opening on JBLM - Haircuts a go next week, gyms for some too

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A few more services will open next week for local military, Lt. Gen Randy George told a town hall audience via Facebook, Tuesday.   In addition, the windows for PCS move dates were also announced.

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PCS time frames will shift after the current June 30 stop date to between July 15 and Oct 1st.  (edited) If your original PCS date was between March and May this year, you will likely now be defered to July 15. Original June dates will now be defered from July 15 up to September 1st. And some soldiers with report dates for July will be defered to Aug 15.  There will be unique situations so not all soldiers will follow this general time frame.

For the Air Force (edited), Spring dates have their move dates adjusted 60 days to the right, George said.  Those scheduled June and after will go according to US Air Force priorities not named in today's briefing.

“Each service member’s PCS is unique,” George said. He said each enlisted service member slated to PCS this year should contact their chain of command (S-1 or G-1) to see which exact date may apply for them. All officers should also contact their career managers.

PCS dates for each service member are supposed to be announced no later than May 31st.  George said this guidance came down Monday night.

George said there could be a quarantine time frame at your next PCS location.  He said that will be up to each individual base commander.

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At JBLM, active duty military personnel will be allowed to get haircuts starting next week, George said. All on base barber shops should also be open as close to next Monday as possible. Barbers will require to wear personal protective equipment, customers must wear a mask, and MPs will be stationed at barber shops to make sure everyone is following COVID-19 mitigation rules.

George said there will likely be a numbering system not appointments, but there also won't be a waiting area.  He said the command understands not everyone can get a haircut right away so there will still be relaxed rules until everyone can get through the process.

Gyms will also open next week for all active duty with a rehabilitation profile, and the first gym to open will be Jensen Gym. Service members will need paperwork to gain access. Roughly 48-50 will be allowed in the gym at any one time.  The next phase will include opening more gyms to all active duty, with units assigned the responsibility to make sure gyms are operating safely.

George said he expects block leave to open in July.

As for child care, George said in a limited capacity, most Child Development Centers, School Age Centers, and Family Child care homes will reopen May 18, while McChord CDC will reopen in a limited capacity May 26.These facilities will operate at about 25% of pre-COVID-19 capacity; spaces are extremely limited.

"Parent Central of Child and Youth Services (CYS) will contact those who have slots for care on May 18. If you do not receive call, please do not call Parent Central," JBLM officials noted on Facebook.

Pacific Pathways should take place in late summer, George said. He said it will likely consist of units and soldiers already notified, to inlcude two battlaions within the 7th Infanry Division, a brigade headquarters, aviation assets within the 16th CAB, I Corps headquarters and pieces of the multi domain task force.

Defended Pacific will also take place.  Units have been notified.

As for training and work on base now, roughly 50 percent of each unit formation is working at any one time on base now.  PT is still at the individual or buddy level - there is no date set for squad level PT and above to resume.

Vaccines are being conducted for children on the base through Madigan.  Click HERE.

Duncan said dates for on base RV and camping locations could be a couple weeks down the road.  Reservations are not open now.  Duncan said Memorial Day "could be close" for being able to use these services.

 Items not announced today will open along with Washington State standards.  If it is not announced, there is no specific date yet known to include youth services, bowling, and regular Madigan face to face routine appointments.

To see what has already been opened, click HERE.

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