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Lunch rules

Capers downtown is wiser serving a tasty lunch

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ANNOUNCER: A good sandwich is a wonderful thing, not to be taken for granted. It has the capability of all-encompassing nourishment, containing protein and vitamins, roughage and dairy, all cozied up inside a carbohydrate shell. Usually a simple enough formula, it is possible to get it wrong, and the boys are always pleased to find a good sandwich. They’re always pleased with Capers Downtown.

JAKE: Well, not always. Their dinners have been hit and miss.  Moot point since owner Eve Hewitt nixed them a few weeks ago.

JASON: I agree. Entrees ran from $12.99 for an over-the-top goat cheese vegetarian linguine dish to $17.99 for the natural New York steak with green peppercorn sauce. Whatever was natural about this piece of beef could not be detected underneath a thoroughly overwhelming sauce. After a few bites I had to scrape it off.

JAKE: Back to the sandwich introduction:_This spinoff of the 5-year-old Capers Take Home Eatery in the Proctor District serves a tasty sandwich. And I don’t mind shelling out $9 for high-quality roast beef, turkey and pork. The turkey sandwich is Thanksgiving all year ’round: turkey, cranberry, cream cheese, lettuce and tomatoes on sourdough.

JASON: Salads, sandwiches and soups make up the majority of the lunch menu. Tuna salad with capers and chopped onion on whole wheat with crisp lettuce and medium sized tomato slice put a smile on my face. Yum.

I’m not a huge fan of their ordering system: order at the counter, pay, get a number and go sit and wait for food to be dropped off. In addition, their table service is spotty.

JAKE: You’re cranky this week. Maybe you need to head back to Capers for one of their inexpensive glasses of wine. 

JASON: Heh. Warm Cambozola cheese partly melted on five really hard toasted crostini with thin slivers of roasted pear tasted just fine ($6.99), but I felt it should have been a bit more substantial. After all, it’s just bread, cheese and pear, right? The spicy sautéed prawn appetizer was about the same; tasted fine, just seemed chintzy for the price ($8.99).

JAKE: Cheapskate.

JASON: I’m being serious here. The Mediterranean platter was better though. Silky hummus, cucumber, slices of good and salty salami, and olives were accompanied by pita chips ($8.99). This by itself could make a fine lunch.

I do love their interior, too. I want the same color scheme in my house. Warm yellow, cool light blue, dark brown wood, and sparse decoration give this restaurant a soothing vibe.

Capers Downtown

Where: 701 Pacific Ave., Tacoma; 253. 272.2240.

When: 10 a.m.-8 p.m. Monday-Friday.

Menu: Salads, sandwiches and soups and more

Scene: A long, narrow space, high ceiling and a wall of windows looking out to a park     setting makes for a nice retreat from work.

Drinkies: Beer, wine and non-alcohol standards

Damage: Moderate

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