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Veterans can now file supplemental claims online

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As part of continued modernization efforts from VA, veterans can now file supplemental claims online at Filing a supplemental claim is an option for veterans who disagree with a previously denied claim decision regarding VA disability compensation or pension benefits. 

This new functionality enhances the veteran digital experience while delivering timely and accurate notification to veterans regarding their claim decisions.'s new online filing tool speeds claims decisions to veterans by:

  • Saving time with supplemental claims submitted directly on, with step-by-step, interview-style questions.
  • Allowing secure and quick uploads for additional evidence and records.
  • Saving progress so veterans can leave and pick up where they left off.

In addition, veterans can use their smartphone or other mobile devices to apply online, or if they would prefer, submit supplemental claims by mail if that option better meets their need. 

Who should file a supplemental claim?

A veteran may file a supplemental claim if they have new and relevant evidence related to a previously denied claim for VA disability compensation or pension benefits. New and relevant evidence is defined as evidence not available at the time of the previous claim decision, which may change VA's decision regarding a claim.

Veterans may also file a supplemental claim if they would like VA to review their claim based on new legislation, for example, the newly implemented PACT Act.

If filing a supplemental claim for a newly presumptive condition due to the passage of the PACT Act or similar legislation, submitting new and relevant evidence may not be required but is still highly recommended. Veterans are encouraged to submit or identify medical evidence documenting the diagnosis and severity of the claimed condition and proof of qualifying military service. Otherwise, the veteran can ask VA to obtain some documentation, including medical records from a VA Medical Center or private insurance provider.

Filing online provides an improved experience

VA gathered valuable feedback from veterans, Veteran Service Organizations (VSOs), and VA employees while creating the online application to improve veterans' digital experience and ensure a smooth, logical and secure process for submitting supplemental claims online.

Filing online reduces the wait time associated with traditional mailed claims since applications are received immediately instead of working with the delay that comes with physically mailed documentation. In addition, records sent through a secure network safeguards veteran's personal information. Submitting supplemental claims online will help VA quickly deliver the benefits and services veterans have earned while protecting the security of their confidential information.

To file a supplemental claim online, visit the File a Supplemental Claim webpage on and complete the form.

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