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My 4 Sons BBQ

It isn’t Narnia folks, make your way to Midland, pronto

If you like barbecue, you’re gonna love My 4 Sons. Photo credit: Dutch Randall

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ANNOUNCER: Having hit the one-year open mark, Dutch and Jackie head just out of town to Midland to see what My 4 Sons BBQ is serving. With a menu that's written daily on butcher paper and posted at the door, they could be in for quite an adventure.

DUTCH: Let me just get this out of the way early - I'd drive a heck of a lot farther out of town than Midland (which hardly feels out of town) to get good BBQ. And since the stylings here incorporate brisket that is served Texas-style, pulled pork served up Carolina-style, and ribs that are inspired by Kansas City BBQ, there is technically good BBQ for nearly everyone.

JACKIE: Midland always feels so far away until I make another trip to the neighborhood, and My 4 Sons BBQ is a perfect excuse to do so. The ambiance is cute and clean -- the heart baring bears painted upon the windows indicate you've arrived. Mason jar lights hang high and the Food Network played on the television upon my visit. During my visit, a fellow patron inquired at the counter if the small silhouette of four kids playing side by side was a stock photo or based on an actual capture of said four sons, and was impressed to hear that it was indeed a real capture. I find that a quite endearing little tidbit. 

DUTCH: Brisket, pulled pork, pulled chicken, and St. Louis ribs were on the board when I visited. I ordered the ribs with two sides. With several sides to choose from, I stuck with the basics and tried the smoked BBQ beans and the baked potato salad. First the ribs: these are fall-off-the-bone ribs with plenty of flavor that I simply couldn't get enough. And with sauce right there on the table, I found myself dipping and eating in repetition. The sides were nearly as good; the beans were full of flavor and when combined with a potato salad that is chock full of bacon, cheese, and plenty of mayo, they are the perfect addition to anything BBQ.

JACKIE: As I considered my options, I lingered on the BBQ Sundae, but ultimately decided it was an endeavor to embark upon on another day. A full pound of all of your BBQ favorites are piled high into one cup. Mac and cheese, baked beans, your choice of protein and coleslaw are presented like one big savory sundae all topped with a drizzle of tangy BBQ sauce. It sounded intimidating, though the meal I chose was more than I could conquer all the same. 

DUTCH: With any meat also being offered in sandwich form, I couldn't resist a brisket sandwich. I went easy and order the quarter-pound version, and even that was a ton of meat! I struggled to keep that much meat in the bun, and yet never took a bite that didn't contain a sufficient meat-to-bun ratio. And in the end ... I had a pile of brisket that I killed off with some extra sauce and a fork. 

JACKIE: That brisket is some of the dreamiest I've noshed upon. It couldn't have been more tender if it tried. The spice rub provided that perfect layer of mouth water-inducing flavor with a thread of fat that was melt-in-your-mouth good. When paired with the smoky sweet beans and ooey-gooey mac, I found myself eating more than my Buddha belly could endure. The side of pickles offered a crisp, zesty nibble to hyphenate the rich, smoky delights. No regrets here, though. I'm ready to go back for more!

MY 4 SONS BBQ, 11 a.m. to 7 p.m., Tuesday-Saturday, 9823 Portland Ave. E., Midland, 253.777.4677

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