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Need an incentive to dine out? Well then ...

Duke’s Chowder House’s creamy herbaceous chowder. Photo credit: Facebook

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As Restaurant Week approaches, we here at the office, start salivating. Responsible budgeting equates to me sitting at my desk just pining away at delectable Instagram posts from some of my favorite establishments. But hey, here's the good news, Tacoma Restaurant Week is April 8-12 and 15-19, which means ample opportunity to journey my way through flavor country is just around the corner.  With delicious three-course dinners for a cool $30, how could I resist? You know that weird aunt of yours that's all "I had to buy it, it was on sale" -- It's me. I'm going to be someone's weird (thrifty) aunt.

Now that we've crossed the threshold from eternal night into the spring season, it's time to head to the waterfront! This makes Duke's Chowder House a must visit for Restaurant Week festivities. Naturally, the first course options include Duke's award-winning clam chowder. This New England-style chowder is a creamy and herbaceous delight. If you're the type to try and get in your greens, they also have the All Hail Caesar Salad or the Plenty of Iron Spinach Salad tossed in a sweet caper vinaigrette highlighting nitrite-free bacon, toasted almonds, egg, diced tomatoes and parmesan cheese. The dinner menu boasts the Oh So Blueberry and Goat Cheese Wild Salmon, Oh My Cod! Fish and Chips, Wild Alaska Salmon with Pretty Pesto, and Rockin' Rockfish Tacos. These fellas are an excellent balance of refreshing, sweet and heat with Alaskan Rockfish, flavorful sweet Thai chili marinade, sharp white cheddar, mango chutney, tequila lime aioli and a cucumber pico de gallo. For dessert, indulge with a What's Her Name's Carrot Cake crafted by the Essential Baking Co., or the Pier Pie. This pie is my jam with Lopez Island Creamery chocolate and espresso ice cream layered in a cookie crust with all-natural chocolate sauce and homemade whipped cream, finished with toasted almonds for a crunch. 3327 North Ruston, Tacoma, 253.752.5444,

The Melting Pot features quite the dining adventure with their fondue fun. They are featuring a selection of salads to start, including the California Salad with mixed baby greens, roma tomatoes, candied pecans and gorgonzola cheese tossed in a light walnut raspberry vinaigrette. The entrée selection for Tacoma Restaurant Week sticks with the fondue theme, naturally, and includes Land & Sea, The Classic or The Vegetarian. Dip your seasonal veggies into the Melting Pot's signature dipping sauce. The Land & Sea is my go-to so that I can skewer premium filet mignon, herb-crusted chicken breast and Pacific white shrimp and dip to my liking. For dessert, scoop up pure milk, dark or white chocolate with sweet treats, pastries and fresh fruit. 2121 Pacific Ave., Tacoma, 253.535.3939,

Under many circumstances, folks sometimes assume that Tacoma fine dining staple, Asado, is a pocketbook buster and may not be aware of their killer happy hour finds. If happy hour isn't enough to lure you in, their Restaurant Week features ought to be. They are offering up goodies for the afternoon and evening diners. During the lunch hour you can nosh on butternut squash bisque, quinoa salad or the ensalada heribas. This gem is a watercress salad with mint, cilantro, arugula, spiced walnuts, jicama, shaved manchego cheese and passion fruit vinaigrette. Don't pretend you didn't just drool a tad. Lunch entrée options include the Parilla Mixta: skewers of chicken, jumbo prawns and Uli's chorizo sausage, plus Parmesan Fried Chicken Sliders or a Chorizo Quinoa Bowl. At dinnertime they nix the bisque and replace that option with empanadas. This means your first course could include savory turnovers stuffed with lamb, beef or veggies. Dinner includes the Espalda Asado, a mesquite grilled flat-iron steak served with either purple Peruvian mashed potatoes or their cravable poblano polenta. Other dinner options include Serrano Wrapped Stuffed Chicken or the Asado Burger, which is an in-house ground sirloin and chorizo patty topped with fried provolone cheese, enticing serrano ham, sautéed onion and peppers, and a poblano aioli between the slices of a Macrina Bakery Brioche Bun. 2810 6th Ave., Tacoma, 253.272.7770, 

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