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Tacoma Locavore Awards

Restaurants that keep it Tacoma

Christy Reedy's Libertine Tacoma salts are on many Tacoma chef's shelves, including Top of Tacoma Bar and Cafe. Photo credit: Kim Thompson

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Some people don't like the word locavore for a variety of reasons. Played out. Not real. Meh.

I wonder if it is because they don't know what a locavore really is. It's an animal, friends.  Look, like the name or not, this creature isn't the mythical Bigfoot - it is real and worthy of scientific study.

In fact, it's a marvelous and magnificent beast that roams the culinary streets of Tacoma with a big smile on its face. This creature enjoys a steady diet of foods produced or grown locally. The locavores of the Tacoma region are clearly the most well-fed and happiest of critters, thanks to local restaurateurs who are well-versed in the science of the species.

You see, the locavore can smell, taste and sense local food deliciousness from many miles away! In fact, when it finds its next tasty meal, the locavore will come back again and again. These lovely creatures of habit are also very kind souls who love to share the wealth of culinary information with fellow beasts, enticing them to join in the feast.

It's not all locavore ingenuity, though.

The restaurateurs are the true scientific heroes here and really should be up for some serious awards for their research, dedication and preservation of the locavore.

Hence, we wish to recognize some of these dedicated scientists for their work. Let us commence.

She Blinded Me with Science Confectionary Award: Ice Cream Social

The scientists at this lovely artisan ice cream establishment in the heart of Tacoma's 6th Avenue district have blinded the locavore with sweet and creamy deliciousness with locally-sourced ingredients. Featuring Valhalla Coffee, Mad Hat Tea, Libertine Tacoma Salt, Sidhu Farms, Spooner Farms, and Zestful Gardens in its sweet creations, this place tends to find large herds of locavores waiting outside its culinary research lab.

Science Causes All Kinds of Reactions Award: Top of Tacoma Bar and Cafe

When the locavore reacts to all kinds of locally-sourced food, it develops additional strength and cunning. The herds tend to flock uphill with high energy to the terrific Top of Tacoma Bar & Café on McKinley Hill in Tacoma. The sub-species of the flock that love to dine vegetarian or vegan are never disappointed. Just a small sample of ingredients: Macrina Bakery, Taylor Shellfish and a special blend of Libertine Tacoma specifically for its Tipsy Top Bloody Mary.

Art is Science Made Clear Award: Hilltop Kitchen

The hypothesis is simple: commit to using close-by, locally-sourced ingredients as much as possible in your artistic culinary and boozy experiments, and the locavore will graze endlessly. The gorgeous alchemy of the craft cocktails and the lovely blend of Latin and American Southwest food creations with the freshest and most local seasonal ingredients as possible makes the hypothesis worth repeating over and over again.

Every Science Begins as Philosophy and Ends as Art Award: Marrow

The scientific philosophy of 6th Avenue's Marrow Kitchen and Bar: imagination, creativity and diversity. The locavore appreciates and subscribes to this very philosophy as it enjoys delightful craft cocktails and delectable selections for the carnivores (marrow menu) or the omnivores and herbivores in the species (arrow menu). What ties this experiment all together - procuring ingredients from local sources whenever possible.

Science Causes All Kinds of Reactions Award: Maxwell's Speakeasy + Lounge

One of Maxwell's brilliant experiments is observing the locavore react to its eclectic menu. Fuel that menu with locally-sourced, fresh and seasonal ingredients, and the locavore reactions are the following: satisfied, ecstatic, satiated and joyous. It's a worthwhile experiment - one that seems to be repeated over and over again.

Science: Where Little Things Mean a Lot Award: Proctor Frozen Yogurt

The locavore doesn't subsist on three square meals a day. It needs snacks, sweet treats and desserts. Proctor Frozen Yogurt in Tacoma's North End meets that need, surely. But the researchers there are deep in study on the little local additions that bring the locavore in for more. Alina's handcrafted soups, Bluebeard Coffee, Mad Hat Tea and Libertine Tacoma Salts are those little things that make the deliciousness experiments even more rewarding. Visit Proctor Frozen Yogurt on Facebook.

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