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H Mart Korean grocery opens in Lakewood

Need frozen flavored mochi or enoki mushrooms?

H MART: Open your world to new flavors. Photo credit: Adrienne Kuehl

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For some people, an Asian grocery store can be a bit of a mystery - a misunderstood landscape of often unfamiliar prepared foods and ingredients that can be a little daunting to approach. However, getting past those insecurities to explore these specialty stores can introduce you to new culinary delights and hidden sweet and savory treasures. Such is the case in the newly opened H Mart, a Korean grocery on Lakewood's South Tacoma Way. The 40,000 square foot location is the perfect place to begin your Asian market shopping experience.

With a well laid-out, spacious floor plan filled with abundant fresh fruits and vegetables, meat and seafood, housewares and dry goods, H Mart appears on its surface to be your typical grocery store. On a recent trip there, however, I found a mix of delicious and curious Asian delights to keep my palate guessing. Fresh turmeric (which I've never seen before), kimchi of various sorts, ready-to-eat eggs marinated in soy sauce, bonito flakes that resemble wood chips used for making dashi (Japanese soup stock), frozen flavored mochi, savory shrimp crackers and gorgeous, delicate enoki mushrooms were some of my favorite finds.

The staff is helpful and approachable when asked where and what certain things are.

The prices are some of the best I've seen in the area as far as fresh fruits and vegetables go.

For experienced Asian market shoppers and newbies alike, a pleasurable shopping experience overall.


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