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McGregor's Discount Natural and Organic Foods

It's rustic, super funky and AWESOME!

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Yours truly has been called a snob. Yes, it's true - that I have been accused of being a snob. Apparently, one of my past reviews hit a nerve with a few readers (thankfully they are reading) partially because I desire a clean environment when I shop. Does this make me a snob? If so, I'll wave the flag proudly.

There was also an implication that I only appreciate high-end stores that sell items like imported cheese and wine. While I love wine, cheese and other fancy foods, these are not the only things I value in a good shopping experience.

So this is for you, my naysayers and critics: I have found a new favorite store and it's called McGregor's Discount Natural and Organic Foods out on South 84th and Pacific Avenue. It's rustic, super funky and AWESOME! No wine or cheese anywhere.

The awesomeness hit me in almost every sense as walked through the door. It smelled like incense and popcorn, Ted Nugent's "Stranglehold" was playing overhead and the coolest Jerry Garcia clone I've ever seen was tending the counter. I had magically walked into the early 1970s.

The place is pretty small and I was the only one in there so I told him why I was there. "Jerry" immediately pointed out some new items and then apologized for his low inventory, which was obvious with many of the shelves filled with earth-friendly toilet paper. He then proceeded to touch my heart when he said, "I was into Harley's and health food before either one was cool." Indeed my friend, indeed.

As I started to browse, he quickly pointed out the incredible deal on his laptop bags for only $2. These were black, sturdy nylon cases with the CAT Insurance logo in yellow at the bottom. Apparently he got a deal from the embroidering company because the logo was the wrong size.

On further exploration I discovered so many great deals on earth-friendly household and personal products, cryo-packed Indian food, carbon-free cane sugar, Sun Crystals (Stevia and cane sugar blend) for only $2.99 for 10 packets, various olive oils, and the hard to come by Granny Lala's gluten-free cakes.

I was intrigued by the basket filled with bloated boomerang looking bottles called Y Water - two for $1. There are various types to promote brain, muscle tissue, immunity or bone health. I chose the Brain Water for obvious reasons. It's rather tasty!

There is a smattering of holistic merchandise like ear candles for $2 (yes, they work), a nice bunch of dried sage for $5, great for cleansing your home of nasty spirits, crystals and other minerals, and my favorite the Himalayan salt lamps. Yes, I bought one for $22. I need to heal.

And who knew there are Cannabis incense sticks? I was always under the impression that you burn incense sticks to COVER the smell of Cannabis? You'll find other incense fragrances and lots of other cool items, but mostly you'll find a really down to earth dude who rides Harleys and wants us all to be a little healthier.

McGregor's Discount Natural and Organic Foods

10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Tuesday-Saturday
8431 Pacific Ave., Tacoma

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