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Military leave is a go ... mostly

Cases increase on base, no new openings this week

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Military leave is a go, said Lt. Gen. Randy George, commander of I Corps and Joint Base Lewis-McChord during his regular Tuesday Townhall on Facebook Live.

Approval is based on the state and the county of a military member's destination.  Forty-five states plus the District of Columbia are considered "green" or safe to travel by the Department of Defense. If the state is green and the county is also green, the company commander will authorize the leave.  If the county is "spreading" in a green state, the battalion commander is the approving authority.  If the county is at high-risk like Yakima here in Washington State, the brigade command is the approving authority for leave there.

California, Michigan, Minnesota, North Carolina and Florida are red states in the DoD's rankings.  To travel there, you will need the first general officer in the command chain to approve the travel.  OCONUS travel must be reviewed by George.

George did not specifically say all planned PCS moves are a go this summer, but he did indicate that base officials at both ends of the moves will be authorizing PCS moves, especially for those going from one green state to another. PCS moves to "red" states aren't restricted in all cases right now either.  George said personnel moving from JBLM to a red base won't be allowed to stop for PCS leave - they'll need to get straight on to their new duty stations.

All personnel will be in contact with their chains of command to approve the PCS moves, George added.  The DoD has stated each base will make decisions on PCS moves based on local COVID conditions and installation-level factors.

George said soldiers PCSing here from OCONUS will have to shelter at home for 14 days.

COVID-19 cases have also continued to grow on base for a second week in a row.

"We have witnessed an increase with positive COVID cases consistent with what we are seeing in the outside counties," said George.

He said an increase in cases was expected, but George took time at the top of his townhall to go over symptoms and precautions to take.

If unable to slow the cases, George said he may mandate mask wearing in all base buildings.  As for reversing decisions on programs and centers already opened, George didn't have an update.

AD: Depression is treatable without drugs, and it is covered by Tricare with no referals needed for family members/retirees.  Lakewood and Lacey TMS services are HERE In Olympia, go HERE for TMS

Soldiers will also have to self-quarantine if they come into contact with another soldier that tests positive if they were in contact for more than 15 minutes, stood less than six feet apart, and were not wearing a mask.

No new activities or programs will be opened on JBLM this coming week that have not already been greenlighted due to the increase in cases.   For an updated list of what is available, click HERE

According to JBLM officials, however, here are future openings and programs ...

• Dental care will resume at all six JBLM dental clinics at a limited capacity (including exams, sick call, DRC3 and most routine treatment) starting July 6. Cleanings have not resumed yet, with no forecasted date to begin.

• Swim lessons will resume July 11 for previously enrolled families. Family and MWR Sports, Fitness & Aquatics will contact families with details.

• CYS Sports is returning with individual sports clinics. Details and enrollment at

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