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Out of the box mental health care

Local practice offers counseling and TMS therapy

Creative Solutions Counseling & TMS is the only practice in the Pacific Northwest to offer both counseling and TMS therapy to its clients. Photo credit: Courtesy image Creative Solutions Counseling & TMS is the only practice in the Pacific Northwest to

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While serving as a police officer, David Simonsen realized that his ability to help individuals in distress was limited.

"I wanted to be more instrumental in helping people change their behavior so they could have better relationships," he began. "I truly believe the healthier one is in their relationships, the more joy they get out of living."

To accomplish this goal, Simonsen found a counseling program that led to his earning a MS in Marriage & Family Therapy and a PhD in Psychology. 

He is currently the CEO of Creative Solutions Counseling & TMS, which is located at 1800 Cooper Point Road SW, Suite 20B in Olympia, Washington. He has been in practice for 22 years.

"I tend to be an out-of-the-box thinker. Most people that come to me have tried everything. This includes therapy. I like to think that I can solve any problem someone brings to my office," he explained.

Simonsen also noted that parenting and communication issues tend to be some of the big things that people need help with.

"I listen well," he continued, "and being married for 27 years and currently parenting teens allows me to relate to people in the same season of life."

He pointed out that his counseling style is warm, interactive, compassionately direct, holistic and grounded in his experience of what actually works.

"Calmness and humor are also two things that allow me to bring some good ideas to the table for people," he added. "I am also open to all kinds of solutions."

Besides the family issues that Simonsen and his staff confront, they also help clients with men's issues: Anger, aggression and productive conflict; balancing emotional intimacy and health boundaries; integrity, self-esteem and empowerment; creativity and personal growth; couples therapy; emotional intimacy; and needs vs. wants.

But Simonsen and his staff go further. Not only has he founded a counseling program, but his practice is the only location in the Pacific Northwest that offers counseling along with TMS.

Transcranial magnetic stimulation is a FDA approved, non-invasive procedure that uses magnetic fields to stimulate nerve cells in the brain to alleviate a range of distressing mental health disorder symptoms. In many cases, TMS is used by individuals who either do not want to take medications or have found that the medications do not work.

"What I have found is that counseling along with TMS is an ideal way to stop the impact of depression on one's life," said Simonsen.

"Since I believe strongly in these two types of intervention, I leave room in my counseling practice for people who want to do counseling and TMS. It's very rewarding for me and my staff to see someone come in, experience counseling and TMS, and a few months later leave a changed person."

For more information about Creative Solutions Counseling & TMS, visit or call (360) 280-9227.


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