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Frames that fit your face and your lifestyle

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It's difficult to pinpoint when aviator shades became an essential feature of the military wardrobe, but observers agree that the trend got its biggest boost when actor Tom Cruise sported them in the 1986 film "Top Gun."

"At Clarus, our selection of designer glasses includes vintage military-inspired aviators made from the finest materials," says Kim Manthe, Optical Manager at Clarus Eye Centre, which has facilities in DuPont and Lacey. "We offer an artful mix of textures, colors and patterns."

Big name designers like Calvin Klein, Michael Kors, Emillio Pucci and Hugo Boss compete to come up with aviator frames that are the perfect combination of devil-may-care insouciance and reliable functionality.

"What's great is that we can set prescription lenses in most of these designs," says Manthe, "and provide a range of colors that not only lend a hip variation on a time-honored classic but can enhance the wearer's ability to distinguish among objects in his or her line of sight."

Transition lenses - the ones that darken when the wearer goes out in the sun - come in only brown or gray, but most other lenses can be tinted in a range of colors, from traditional obsidian-black to blue to rosy red. The same colors are available to those who prefer their lenses in frames more accustomed to the office, the campus or fashion shows.

There's also a range of frame styles for those who want a less military image. But whether choosing between aviators and frames for more formal occasions and for life beyond the base, finding ones that fit your face can be a challenge. Every purveyor of glasses provides a mirror for customers to see for themselves how they'll look in the various frames. Some even provide hints on what works best for the shape of your face.

  • Those with round faces like R&B singer/songwriter Alicia Keys, for example, are encouraged to choose frames that make their faces appear longer and thinner - frames that are rectangular, wider than they are deep, with a clear bridge that widens the eyes.
  • People with heart-shaped or triangular faces like actress, producer and director Jennifer Love Hewitt are encouraged to balance their pointed chins with wide, upswept frames - oversized, rectangular frames with soft edges look better on heart-shaped faces than perfectly round ones.
  • Those with square faces characterized by strong, square jaw lines and broad foreheads like actress, comedian, writer and producer Tina Fey want to make their faces look longer and to soften the angles. Go with narrow frames that have more width than height or with narrow oval frames.
  • If your face is oval, you're lucky. It's considered the ideal shape because its proportions are balanced, like actress and model Megan Fox's. Look for half frames or rimless readers if you have small features. For faces that are noticeably longer, go for lenses that are as wide as or wider than the broadest portion of your face.

 "At Clarus Optical we provide a hands-on approach to choosing frames," explains Manthe. "Our opticians are frame specialists, which means they have the skill and will take the time to help you find the perfect fit for your activity level, facial shape and style needs."

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