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Friday, Sept. 5: Diesto


Diesto / photo courtesy of Facebook

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If I were only allowed to write about one genre of music, as much as I enjoy all the folk rock, indie pop, punk, jazz fusion and hip-hop, I'd have to narrow my choice to one category: heavy rock. And so, when such a band comes into view, filtering out all those others, and they just happen to hit the pelvic note - I'm super happy. This week, we're talking Diesto. With elements of deep-groove stoner rock, combined with a math-y, jam band twist, Diesto is a natural fave. Hailing from Portland, the four-piece secretes heaviness, with a prog metal lean. Juicy jams that weave weighted riffs, growly, expanding vocals and grinding drums that anchor your soul are a given. Catch them with C-Average and RedVolt, which includes original drummer Craig Becker from Fitz of Depression.

DIESTO, w/C-Average, RedVolt, 9 p.m., McCoy's, 418 Fourth Ave., Olympia, $5, 360.352.0696.

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