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Saturday, March 8: T-Pain

The Royal Lounge

Remember when @TPAIN said "I vow right here, right now, to never use Auto-Tune again"? What will happen Saturday in Olympia?

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Jay-Z proclaimed "Death of Auto-Tune," but by judging from the prolonged career of rap/pop artist T-Pain, the death of auto-tune has been much exaggerated. T-Pain's career has continued to flourish; his recent hit, "Up and Down", is still pumping on the radio airwaves and in the clubs. In fact, the dread-headed, top hat wearing hit-maker will grace the stage at Olympia's Royal Lounge Saturday. T-Pain's much anticipated visit to Tha O coincides with The Royal's recent sale and genre change. T-Pain's show most likely will be the venue's hip-hop/rap farewell show. T-Pain will rock the stage with some of the Puget Sound's premier entertainers including comedian Nate Jackson hosting and DJs UltraMega, Kid One & Contagious rocking the afterhours house party until 3 a.m.

T-PAIN, Nate Jackson, Frankie Hustle, 8 p.m., The Royal Lounge, 311 Capitol Way, Olympia, $30-$100 at

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