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Saturday, Jan. 11: Hunt and Peck: A Celebration of the Mighty Typewriter

Olympia Timberland Regional Library

Image courtesy of The Typewriter Film, LLC

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Clickity click click click click clickety click click ding zzzshuh clickety click click clickety click zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzip! That, kids, is the sound of a typewriter. Why, back in my day, we didn't use those dangnabbit computers - with the fancy-pants noiseless plastic keys - to correspond with others or write that great American novel. We used a typewriter. And if my fine approximation of its sound didn't do it for you - or worse, you're still asking what's a typewriter?? - get down to the Timberland Regional Library in Olympia for Hunt and Peck: A Celebration of the Mighty Typewriter. No, Hunt and Peck are not a mismatched police duo who come to trust and rely upon one another, despite one being a loose-cannon rookie and the other serving his last day on the force. Instead, Hunt and Peck is the title umbrella in which typewriter enthusiasts will gather to swap stories, compete in a fierce typing challenge and show off their own typewriters. Jim Hair, a machine fixer, will talk about the "wild and woolly" world of typewriter repair. The documentary The Typewriter in the 21st Century follows. The whole event takes place after hours, so expect the building to be filled with the kind of noise that'd have librarians shushing overtime if it were daylight.

Hunt and Peck: A Celebration of the Mighty Typewriter, 6-8 p.m., Timberland Regional Library, 313 Eighth Ave., Olympia, free admission, 360.352.0595

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