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Saturday, March 10-Sunday, March 11: "Collision"

The Evergreen State College

"COLLISION": It's not totally creepy. Courtesy photo

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Ariana Throne's one-woman "dance drama" Collision looks at rape culture in American college life. She herself was involved in two such collisions, and much of her performance is uncomfortably autobiographical. Throne uses a variety of performance skills to examine our views about rape - and to tell her own story - from multiple angles. She brings much to the table: self-penned guitar ballads, a black-light dance routine, tongue-in-cheek vignettes. Throne also introduces a character named Magda, who represents traditional "wisdom" about human sexuality. The sketch is a hoot and makes an important point: Everything you know about sexuality might be wrong. We've thought some pretty dumb stuff over the years. "Don't worry, this is a fun show," Throne promises.

Read Christian Carvajal's full feature on Collision in the Arts section at

[The Evergreen State College - SEM II E1105, 7:30 p.m. Sat.-Sun., free, Olympia]

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