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Top specialty drinks in Tacoma

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There's certainly a list containing South Puget Sound's Top 25 specialty drinks, but due to space limitations (Damn editors!), I'll condense it to my top three, in no particular order:

Stonegate Pizza's Rockin' Mai Tai: Developed by Stonegate's very own Jeff Call, this drink has you swimming in multiple exotic rums.  Layered with a unique Carribean Velvet Falernum and a float of Zaya rum on top, you won't remember much after of few of these hefty drinks.

Doyle's Pickle Back: No, it's not crazy creative.  Yes, it is surprisingly delicious.  Don't be turned away by the straight shot of Jameson Whiskey that comes beforehand, just go for it and follow through with the generous swig of pickle juice afterwards.  You'll be shocked at how the two click over your tastebuds. The dill pickles are even specially made by local pickler, Lynnae's Gourmet Pickles.

Everything on Marrow's / Pacific Grill's / 1022 South's Drink Menu - Three of the best specialty drink menus in Tacoma.  Thoughtfully created and uniquely adaptable to anyone's style, there's something for everyone on each of these inspiring menus.  There's even stuff you never imagined you'd be ordering, but do anyway out of curiosity, and end up falling in love with each sip.  The bar owners behind these menus are always developing new drinks, so return customers will never get bored.

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