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Olympia Coffee Roasting Company

Roasted bean concoctions, fresh pastries and soon to be more!

The coffee flavor is the star of every drink at Olympia Coffee Roasting Company. Photo credit: Dutch Randall

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ANNOUNCER: Tacoma has its share of small independent coffee shops, and Olympia Coffee Roasting Co. can now be added to the growing list since opening shop in the Proctor neighborhood. We didn't have to ask Jackie and Dutch twice to get them to a coffee spot.
DUTCH: I visited on a Saturday when they are roasting beans, and the aroma hit me as soon as I walked in. This certainly peaked my anticipation of a great cup of coffee, but of course, I couldn't just get a normal cup of Joe, I felt the need to order a classic espresso drink. I went with my coffee shop favorite -- Mocha. Served in a ceramic mug for in-house dining, there is a strong flavor of coffee that balances well with the dark chocolate, milk and foam. The coffee will surely be the star of any drink on the list.

JACKIE: The chocolate they use in their mochas is rich and bittersweet. Even in a plastic cup on the go, it feels more sophisticated than your average chocolate-y sipper. If you're an admirer of coffee looking to craft your own roasted bean concoctions at home, you can snag a bag of beans with ease. They have a variety of options with helpful taster notes.

DUTCH: Several pastries are available to accompany any beverage. You can expect to find croissants and scones made by Left Bank Pastry in Olympia. I grabbed the apple turnover, and at first bite I could tell it wasn't like any other I'd had before. Fresh apple slices have been baked until tender, accented with cinnamon and wrapped in a soft baked crust. It tasted like the apple pie grandma used to make.

JACKIE: Pro-tip, if you want baked goodies, get in early. They sell like hot cakes ... or, you know, delectable pastries, but when you arrive early their display case is a wonderland of color and aromas. Seriously, they are divine. I will also say, it pleases me to have such an excellent cafe within walking distance of my house and in direct competition of a certain corporate giant that pours overly roasted, syrupy sweet beverages that I just cannot get into. I suspect my neighbors feel the same, because upon each visit, all of the tables are full of folks typing away at their keyboards or making small talk.
DUTCH: Starting this week, Olympia Coffee Roasters expects to have an oven installed that will not only allow customers to request warm pastries, but also a handful of other breakfast offerings. Breakfast sandwiches will be available, as well as the possibility of breakfast burritos. But the real star will be the quiches. Offerings include spinach and feta, ham and cheese, and a bacon, mushroom, onion to name a few.

JACKIE: I cannot wait to get some of this in my life.
OLYMPIA COFFEE ROASTING COMPANY, 5 a.m. to 7 p.m., Monday-Friday; 6 a.m. to 7 p.m., Saturday; 7 a.m. to 6 p.m., Sunday, 2601 N. Proctor St., Tacoma, 253.433.3279,

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