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Warning: Meat sweats ahead!

BBQ2U in Gig Harbor offers a choice of smoked goodness. Photo credit: Dutch Randall

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ANNOUNCER: Dutch and Jackie caught wind of some BBQ buzz and followed the smoky wafts to Gig Harbor's newest BBQ joint, BBQ2U.

JACKIE: Early last month, the masses were flocking to BBQ2U and devouring the goods like they were going out of style. The interior is spacious and the aromas of house-smoked meats will have you salivating upon entry. Service style is cafeteria in vibe, grab your tray and mosey on up to the display case loaded with coleslaw and potato salads, then lined with bottled refreshments. A nice touch, the staff is fabulously friendly and it's fun to watch them load up your tray as you order.

DUTCH: I do not have to be called twice when BBQ is in play, and the smell of smoke as you enter is a nice amenity. I also appreciated the fact that a place that boasts good dry rub meats also offers beer. I know it sounds trivial, but I like a nice cold beer with my BBQ, and with over a dozen selections to choose from, there is plenty to hit the spot.

JACKIE: I had the whole family in tow, which gave me an excellent excuse to menu dabble. As silly as it sounds, the mac and cheese was my favorite with its super creamy, cheesy goodness. The meats come smoked but dry with a sweet and tangy house-made barbeque sauce sitting upon each table top for you to use at your discretion. The chicken sandwich was delightful -- moist, smoky, cubed chicken on a sesame seed bun. Jalapenos, onions and pickles can be added at the condiment bar but the chicken could easily stand alone. The pulled pork sandwich was presented on a beast of a bun and easily shareable.

DUTCH: I was tempted by the pulled pork sandwich, but ultimately had been craving ribs all week knowing I would be popping by. The ribs were meaty and seasoned with only salt, pepper and smoke. I couldn't resist a little of the house sauce, though. We also gave the brisket a shot both as a sandwich and as a stand-alone dish. The brisket here is flavorful and only lightly seasoned, allowing you to add sauce as needed to your own preference, and much like the pulled pork sandwich, the brisket sandwich is big enough for two (or just one 17-year-old son).

JACKIE: Oh man, those ribs were dang tasty. Pepper forward, though not quite as tender as I would have liked, they were generously meaty. The sausage also teased with a touch of smoky spice and most certainly required an extra helping of napkins. The creamy potato salad was also a well-crafted classic with red potatoes and pickle relish.

DUTCH: I agree, the potato salad is a solid choice as a side for anything on the menu. I really liked that the banana pudding was listed as a side so that I could order a dessert as part of the Texas Tray, which included one meat and two sides.

JACKIE: I'm still full. I think I have the meat sweats.

BBQ2U, 10:30 a.m. to 8 p.m., daily, 4814 Point Fosdick Dr. NW, Gig Harbor, 253.313.5656 

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