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Take school on the road with Experience Olympia

This month’s curriculum is all about food systems

Stop by Olympia Farmers Market to learn about healthy foods Photo courtesy Experience Olympia

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COVID-19 has undoubtedly changed the way we learn, work and explore. But as we all get better at exploring while also social distancing, Experience Olympia & Beyond has made that even easier with their Taking School on the Road Program: Read. Watch. Go.

This program goes beyond just a different way to learn for the kids, it includes many fun, educational and mindfully crafted, one-of-a-kind experiences throughout Olympia and Thurston County for everybody. Whether you're looking to entertain the kids over a long weekend, take a day trip with a spouse or loved one, add to your educational curriculum, or get outside for some solo adventuring, Experience Olympia & Beyond's team has paved the path for you with monthly itineraries and materials.  It's a license to learn, and a roadmap to take out the guesswork.

Experience Olympia & Beyond kicked off the program last month with natural history month, with a specific focus on the various different ecosystems found in Olympia. This month they're shifting gears to focus on food systems, specifically the complexities involved in the production, processing, transport and consumption of the foods and drinks we consume each day. 

Learning this month will kick off at Batdorf and Bronson Coffee Roasters, where you can enjoy a farm to table cup of coffee from roasters who have been crafting coffee since 1986. Hot chocolate and other beverages are available for the littles, or those who don't drink coffee. Next stop, is the Hands on Children's Museum where children will have the opportunity to role play in their healthy home, or visit the Children's Garden in their Outdoor Discovery Center. 

Learning can continue at many of Olympia's farmers markets including the Olympia Farmers Market, as well as Tenino and Yelm markets. These markets will allow the opportunity to explore essential and healthy foods that are brought into our communities. Much like farmers markets, Helsing Junction Farm also provides local access to organic produce and can be explored in this month's curriculum. 

As an adult education opportunity the learning can continue at Sandstone Distillery in Tenino. Sourcing grains grown in all areas of Washington then fermenting and distilling them into spirits like whiskey, gin and vodka this is another opportunity to learn about the various food systems in the Olympia region. 

Beyond just the recommendations of places to visit to learn about food systems, Experience Olympia & Beyond will also provide reading lists, coloring sheets, educational videos and other resources to help with learning. 

To learn more about the initiative and join November's fun and beyond, check out

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