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Madigan leads the way

Madigan Army Medical Center proves to be a medical industry leader

Surgeon and Maj. Kelly Blair conducts mock surgical training on “Chloe Surgical Simulator” at Madigan Army Medical Center with members of the 62nd Medical Brigade. Photo credit: Sgt. Mark Cloutier

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Since 1992, more than 100,000 patients have walked through the doors of Madigan Army Medical Center (MAMC) on Joint Base Lewis-McChord (JBLM). Some have received emergency medical assistance while others have utilized counseling, physical therapy, preventative care or pharmaceutical services. Still, more have visited at least one of MAMC's advanced clinics, where cutting-edge technology and research are regularly implemented in patient care. MAMC is a proven medical industry-leader, and its offering of extensive medical services for military and civilians alike backs the claim. 

"Madigan Army Medical Center has been providing safe, quality care to servicemen and women, retirees and family members for more than 73 years," said Woody Stone, a media/communications relations officer at MAMC. "Our patients have come to expect cutting-edge healthcare along with the excellent care they have always known."

While most would recognize MAMC as a military medical center, few know that it also serves civilians with no military affiliation who require immediate, trauma-related care. The medical complex's ability to provide immediate care to trauma victims is one of several criteria that designate it as a Level II Trauma Center in Washington State. The nationally recognized certification signifies that MAMC can provide 24-hour coverage to trauma victims by general and specialty surgeons, tertiary care (such as cardiac or microvascular surgery), staff-wide trauma prevention and continuing education programs and a comprehensive quality assessment program.

MAMC is one of only eight Level II Trauma Centers in Washington, but it partners with two others, St. Joseph Medical Center and Tacoma General Hospital, as part of the Tacoma Trauma Trust. The partnership began in 2000 as a means of ensuring immediate trauma care for patients who would otherwise be forced to travel further north for adequate care. It allows trauma victims in the South Sound to receive treatment close to home, thereby saving time, resources and, potentially, their life.

"Madigan is an integral part of the community, providing Level II trauma care as a partner of the Tacoma Trauma Trust and standing ready when needed to provide deployed troops with the finest of Army Medicine," Stone said.

In addition, MAMC is an advanced medical research facility. Its medical professionals regularly conduct research and trials across a wide spectrum of areas believed to "advance the science of medicine," including family reintegration, nightmare reduction, sleep anxiety and trauma and PTSD recovery. The medical center's Department of Clinical Investigation, which provides training and expertise to medical professionals engaged in research, has advanced laboratories and tools, animal service support, tissue banking, statistics and informatics support and research and design support capabilities.  

MAMC's state-of-the-art medical clinics have also received recognition in the medical field for the advanced clinical research conducted at their facilities.  The Traumatic Brain Injury Clinic, which treats and educates individuals about the causes and lasting effects of TBIs, conducts on-site clinical research to inform best practices and patient care. The Interdisciplinary Pain Management Clinic offers innovative approaches and a functional restoration program to patients facing severe functional impairment from pain. Additionally, the Pulmonary and Sleep Clinic conducts nationally recognized sleep research, trains physicians and graduate medical students, and provides sleep education and sleep psychology information to patients.  

To ensure industry-wide standards are met while researching, holding trials and conducting medical training, the Madigan Consolidated Education Department (MCED) oversees implementation of all educational programs at MAMC. As a teaching hospital and research facility, MAMC offers a wide breadth of educational opportunities, including medical and technician training; graduate-level intern, resident and fellowship programs; nurse and graduate-nurse education programs; and a medical library.

Madigan Army Medical Center, 24-hour emergency room, daily, 9040 Jackson Ave., JBLM, 253.968.1110,

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