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December 1, 2016 at 9:47am

62nd Airlift Wing commander's call

Col. Leonard Kosinski, 62nd Airlift Wing commander, speaks to Team McChord airmen about mission priorities during a commander’s call Nov. 22 at Joint Base Lewis-McChord. Photo credit: Senior Airman Jacob Jimenez

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McChord Field is about a legacy of excellence, innovation and respect," said Col. Leonard Kosinski, 62nd Airlift Wing commander, during his opening remarks at the Nov. 22 62nd AW commander's call conducted at the base theater on Joint Base Lewis-McChord. 

Kosinski talked about the 62nd AW missions and priorities, as well as hosted a question and answer session utilizing a phone application that allowed airmen to text in their questions and receive immediate answers there on the spot.

Expanding on those missions and priorities, Kosinski talked about the 62nd AW mission of delivering safe and reliable global airlift.

He shared a story in which both he and Chief Master Sgt. Tico Mazid, 62nd AW command chief, conducted a recent mission to Al Udeid Air Base, Qatar, to deliver cargo and switch out a C-17 Globemaster III aircraft.

Not only were they able to conduct the McChord mission firsthand, but during the mission they received an additional tasking of conducting a dignified transfer of a servicemember's remains.

"It was a sobering reminder of the solemn things we do as a profession of arms," said Kosinski.

He went on to talk about each one of the wing's major priorities.

"Our top priority here, which is the top priority for Air Mobility Command, is the nuclear mission. We are the only unit (in the Air Force) that does this prime nuclear airlift force. There is a small (percentage) of McChord that is hands-on with this mission, but it cannot be done without the entire joint-base efforts."

During their mission to Al Udeid, Kosinski and Mazid had several stops along the way at various bases where they were able to see many other McChord Field airmen carrying out the mission.

"Trusted, responsive worldwide airlift is something we are known for at McChord," said Kosinski. "Flying around we saw a lot of (McChord) tails on the ramps. Our reputation for this is pretty significant."

"When (people) see a McChord tail they know that the aircraft will be in great shape, it will have a great crew and that mission is going to get done. That's something the legacy of the airmen before us have built."  

Kosinski acknowledged the importance of the mission and what really gets the mission accomplished.

"All of our missions are important, but they are not accomplished without developing and taking care of our airmen. That's something that is very important to the entire 62nd AW leadership team," said Kosinski.

The wing commander went on to discuss programs and opportunities available to airmen here at JBLM.

Highlighting the fact that due to the unique environment of JBLM, airmen here have many more opportunities afforded to them than they would at other bases.

"Joint-basing is about building partnerships and it's what we do every day, whether you are living next  to soldiers or you're working with them, these partnerships are made and strengthened every day," said Kosinski.  "Our C-17s were made to take soldiers and equipment into combat and working here in a garrison environment gives us a lot of opportunities for great innovation on how we can that done."

To wrap up his discussion about priorities, Kosinski talked about how airmen should treat each other.

"The bottom line of everything we do is treating everyone with dignity and respect. This is a job I love doing, I love coming to work meeting airmen and I love seeing this dignity and respect at every work station I go to," said Kosinski.

"But, I'm not so naive to think we are perfect. I know there are always going to be some folks out there that don't get it and I appreciate the majority of us who are correcting them and do not tolerate it."

"Whether you are a senior ranking member, a junior ranking member or whether you are a peer, make sure you are keeping that culture of dignity and respect."

The 62nd AW has two upcoming inspections in December and January. Kosinski gave some guidance on how airmen should handle the process.

"For those who have been in a while, we can remember the days when we would have a big inspection and we would prepare for the inspectors," said Kosinski. "We would put on a big show, but now this has changed. It is a much different program and I think a much better program. What matters now is what you have been doing these last two years."

The foot print of the inspectors should be small, but the 62nd AW, the 627th Air Base Group and the 446th AW will all have inspections going on at the same time.

"We shouldn't have to do anything different, just do the mission the best we can."

For the second time at a 62nd AW commander's call, a cell phone application allowed airmen in attendance to text in questions that could be immediately answered by the commander. The program also allowed for real-time results for survey questions proposed by the commander.

Questions ranged from manning at the McChord Field gates, food options on the flight line, the new hours for the McChord Shoppette and how individuals can help with the upcoming inspections.

Kosinski closed the commander's call by thanking the 62nd AW airmen for what they do.

"Thank you for what you have done, what you are currently doing and what you will continue to do in serving our nation."

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