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July 3, 2012 at 7:26am

Becoming an MTI? There's an app for that

JOINT BASE SAN ANTONIO--RANDOLPH (AFNS) -- There's a smart phone application for just about everything these days, including joining the ranks of the Air Force's military training instructor corps.

The app, simply called "Air Force MTI," is free and available for Apple, Android and Blackberry devices.

"It takes a special person to be an MTI," said Master Sgt. Eric Gaona, an MTI in the 737th Training Squadron, who recruits for the corps. "Becoming an MTI allows you to highlight yourself as a leader who can mold civilians into Airmen -- it's a great career move."

The Air Force is looking to beef up its MTI corps, as the goal is to have 565 training instructors. Currently, there are roughly 475. Gaona said the corps is especially looking to recruit female instructors so the MTI corps is representative of the number of female Airmen in the service.

Women make up approximately 20 percent of the service, yet only around 10 percent of the MTI corps consists of female Airmen, Gaona said.

In the "MTI Life" segment of the app, potential applicants will find a comprehensive and entertaining collection of photos and videos of basic military training, and can view the entire experience from orientation to graduation. What's particularly special about the app is the week-by-week breakdown of BMT, which contains images, videos and a training schedule for each week. "MTI Perspective" videos highlight the key take-aways for each week of BMT from the viewpoint of an MTI.

The app provides a thorough snapshot of what the job entails, while providing a general understanding of what it takes to become one of the most disciplined leaders in the Air Force.

"What's great about being an MTI is the hands-on employment of the leadership skills you develop," Gaona said. "You'll learn and do much more than you thought was possible in the three to four years of being an MTI, setting you apart from those who only learn about leadership in a classroom."

The mobile app provides information on eligibility requirements and the application process including links, contact information and the applications themselves. There are also photos, a video library and information on the MTI Shadow Program -- an opportunity for an interested member to shadow an MTI to experience the career for themselves.

Other segments include a robust FAQ section, and a section devoted to Air National Guard and Reserve personnel. To download the app, simply search for "Air Force MTI" in the app market.

July 17, 2012 at 8:40pm

Overseas extension incentives changes ahead

Joint Base San Antonio - Randolph, Texas (AFNS) -- Airmen stationed at overseas long tour locations who extend their tour Aug. 1 or later may be eligible for incentives, Air Force Personnel Center officials said.

Recent changes to the Overseas Tour Extension Incentive Program will affect members who make a "date eligible for return from overseas" decision Aug. 1 or later. Some Air Force specialty codes have been added to the eligibility list, while others have been removed, said Bill Warner, the AFPC Assignment Programs and Procedures Branch chief. The OTEIP exists to increase stability and decrease permanent change of station costs, he said.

"Incentives are offered to all enlisted members who extend their overseas short tour by 12 months," Warner said. "Enlisted members in specific career fields at overseas long tour locations are also eligible when they extend their overseas long tour by 12 months.

Eligible Air Force Specialty Codes are periodically reviewed and approved by the Secretary of the Air Force.

Airmen who accept OTEIP can opt for one of three incentives: $2,000 special lump sum payment, 30 days of non-chargeable vacation time or 14 days of non-chargeable vacation time and funded travel (for the military member only) to the nearest stateside port and back.

These eligibility changes are the result of a June 2012 revalidation review, Warner explained. During the review, various criteria were evaluated, such as critical manning levels and overseas/stateside balance, as well as such factors as operational tempo and resource availability.

"Under-manning at the 7-level is one reason a couple of career fields were added," Warner said. "Air traffic control is 63 percent manned at the 7-level and combat control is at 57 percent, so OTEIP offers incentives to keep those members in place an extra year."

Career fields were identified for removal from the incentive list for various reasons, including administrative and manning level changes, Warner explained.

"The 1T191, or aircrew life support, field is no longer a valid career field, so removing it was an administrative decision. Other fields have seen overseas manning levels improve, so incentivizing someone to remain an additional year is no longer necessary," he said.

OTEIP changes are effective for Airmen currently assigned overseas at long tour locations who make a DEROS extension decision Aug. 1 or later. Airmen who have already requested and received an approved DEROS extension under OTEIP will not be affected, Warner said.

To see the list of added and removed career fields, go to the myPers website at and enter "OTEIP" in the search window For more information about other assignment opportunities and personnel issues, visit myPers.

July 23, 2012 at 7:40am

C-17 makes unscheduled landing at airport near Tampa

SCOTT AIR FORCE BASE, Ill. (AFNS) -- A C-17 Globemaster III carrying 23 passengers, plus a crew of 19, landed at Peter O. Knight airport near Tampa, Fla., rather than at the planned destination of MacDill Air Force Base, Fla.,  about four miles away.

The aircraft, flying in support of U.S. Central Command, was apparently undamaged and there were no injuries.

There appears to be no damage to the airfield. In concert with airfield officials, the Air Force is planning to move the aircraft to allow Peter O. Knight airport to re-open.

The incident is under investigation.

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