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June 2, 2012 at 4:50am

446th Airlift Wing Salutes for June

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Take a moment to say congratulations, hello, and farewell to our Reservists who have been promoted, are new to the wing, or retiring.


Senior Master Sergeant
Nathan Wright, 446th CES

Master Sergeant
Michael Larson, 446th CES
Marlon Martin, 446th FSS

Technical Sergeant
Cassey Aniceto, 313th AS
Scott Harrison, 446th CES
David Jensen, 36th APS
Aumbirh Jones, 446th AMXS
Steven Light, 446th AMXS
Rufus Loggins, 446th CES

Staff Sergeant
Christopher Giffin, 36th APS
Ernest Munns, 446th CES
David Strong, 86th APS

Senior Airman
Zachery Morring, 446th AMXS
Michael Ngo, 446th AMXS
Ashley Vidales, 97th AS
Kevin White, 446th LRF

Airman First Class
Devin Abbett, 86th APS
Brendan Brewer, 446th AMXS
Ezekiel Clinard, 446th ASTS
Cyle Coleman, 446th CES
Kyle Wilhelme, 36th APS

Joshua Francis, 86th APS


Joshua Bieler, 446th MSG

Master Sergeant
Jeffrey Rivera, 36th APS

Technical Sergeant
Allen Hartman, 446th FSS
Kerri Kuntz, 86th APS

Staff Sergeant
Melissa Aubrey, 446th CES
Sean Dahlsrud, 446th AMXS
Veronica Gobea, 446th AMXS
Johnny Hurtt, 446th AMXS
Alissa Kantnik, 446th FSS
Geoffrey Simon, 446th AMXS
Terry Taber, 446th SFS

Senior Airman
Luke Hinman, 446th AMXS
Barrett Horn, 446th SFS
Steven Kwak, 446th ASTS
Jean Mondesir, 446th AMXS
Wen Sohn, 446th ASTS

Airman First Class
David Clark, 446th CES
Roddel DeLeon, 446th AMXS
Justin Drayer, 446th AMXS
Benjamin Grimmett, 446th AMXS
Cody Hoefs, 446th CES
Ashley Vidales, 97th AS
Hayden Wahlman, 446th AMXS

Andrew Bice, 446th MXS
Nicholas Wilson, 446th ASTS

Airman Basic
Brendan Brewer, 446th AMXS
Joshua Francis, 86th APS


Lieutenant Colonel
Sharon Carlson, 446th AES
Dale French, 446th OG

Delmer Heitzman, 446th ASTS

Senior Master Sergeant
Angela Wetzler, 36th APS

Master Sergeant
Randy Pantle, 86th APS
David Schluttenhofer, 446th AMXS

Technical Sergeant
John Fuertes, 446th SFS
Brent George, 446th MXS
Tre Woodard, 446th MXS

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