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December 23, 2011 at 4:20am

Airmen prepare for season during four-day tournament

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The ball is tossed into the air and for a moment, everyone holds their breath. Eyes follow the ball as an Airman's hand reaches up to take possession, and the first game of the four-day intramural basketball tournament officially began. A lthough the 627th Security Forces Squadron maintained possession of the ball at the start, when the 373rd Training Squadron Det. 12 finally got the ball, they showed their true dominance winning the game 58-35.

Entering halftime, with the 373rd TRS leading 26-8, teams grouped together, wiped the sweat from their brows, and worked to improve during the next half.

"We've only had one practice before this game," said Sarah Draper, 627th SFS raven. "We need to work on defense and practicing our plays. We'll get it together and be better."

Entering the second half determined to improve, the 627th SFS struggled to establish a clean defensive strategy. The 373rd TRS completed two separate foul shots and began to work together as a team.

"We have a pretty good team this year," said Henry Moultrie, 373rd TRS instructor and intramural participant for the past eight years. "Last year we went 7 and 1, so hopefully we can repeat that and go all the way."

As the final buzzer rang, the 627th SFS attempted one final three-point shot. Teams lined up and shook hands.

"Today's game went really well," said Moultrie after his first victory of the season. "We had some mistakes here and there but overall, I'm happy with our team."

According to Staff Sgt. Dana Wagner, 627th Force Support Squadron fitness center manager, the four-day tournament was comprised of eight McChord Field teams.

The official intramural basketball season is scheduled to begin shortly after the holiday season.


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