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July 10, 2011 at 2:56am

446th Salutes for July

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MCCHORD FIELD, Wash. -- Take a moment to say congratulations, hello, and farewell to our Reservists who are award winners, promoted, new to the wing, or retiring.


Master Sergeant
Jack Cales, 446th AMXS
Marvin Lolmaugh, 446th AMXS

Technical Sergeant
Matthew Groff, 446th MXS
Jack Meyers, 446th AMXS
Elizabeth Moody, 446th AW
Robert Reinarts, 446th AMXS

Staff Sergeant
Joseph Jensen, 446th LRF
Steven Kohler, 446th ASTS
Ryan Madamba, 446th CES
Rosemary Meeker, 446th ASTS
Carlos Seoanesperla, 446th AMXS

Senior Airman
Michael Evans, 36th APS
Angela Ferguson, 446th ASTS
Colin James, 446th AMXS
Carmen Rodriquez, 446th ASTS
Audra Stillions, 446th ASTS
David Waingrow, 446th OSF
Raymond Zialcita, 446th FSS

Airman First Class
Alexander Schroeder, 446th MXS


Kelli Graziano, 446th ASTS

First Lieutenant
Christopher Kaighen, 86th APS

Second Lieutenant
Hung Bui, 446th ASTS

Senior Master Sergeant
Michael Gardner, 446th FSS

Technical Sergeant
Cherrie Davis-Dietrich, 446th ASTS
Danielle Foster, 446th AMDS
Jodie McMahon, 446th AW

Staff Sergeant
Aaron Burkman, 446th CES
Megan Garey, 446th AMDS
Timothy Lewis, 446th MXS
Amanda Marlett, 446th AMDS
Archie McNeilly, 446th AMXS
Tiffany Millisor, 728th AS
Priscilla Turner, 313th AS

Senior Airman
Bethanya Abebe, 446th ASTS
Kelly Nefzger, 86th APS
Aimee Patterson, 446th AMDS
Allen Pham, 446th FSS
Thanh Tran, 446th MXS
Austin Williams, 446th LRF

Airman First Class
Angela Ferguson, 446th ASTS
Gloria Gellatly, 446th AES
Timothy Keene, 446th AES
Britney Schwager, 86th APS
David Waingrow, 446th OSF
Peter Kwon, 86th APS


Master Sergeant
Leo Jenness, 728th OG
Terrance Schlatter, 446th AMXS

Technical Sergeant
Angelo Delorio, 446th AMXS
David Riley, 446th AMXS

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