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New app to review your barracks & dining hall

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In response to widespread criticism and grievances regarding military barracks, cafeterias, and dormitories, a former Army reservist, Robert Evans, has launched a new mobile app aiming to enhance transparency for service members to review their living conditions on base.

The app, named "Hots&Cots," is currently available on Apple devices and allows users to share images and provide ratings, ranging from one to five stars, for their barracks and dining hall experiences. Users can also post reviews describing their situation.

According to a story at, at Sheppard Air Force Base in Texas, the tech school dorms received a one-star rating with an accompanying photo illustrating moldy vents. Similarly, the Panther Inn Warrior Restaurant at Fort Liberty, North Carolina, received a one-star rating with a review showcasing undercooked chicken.

Evans, who served for 12 years in the Army Reserve and Army National Guard, emphasized that the intention behind the app isn't solely for lodging complaints. He told that he hopes the app will serve as a catalyst for military leaders to take corrective actions based on the feedback. "There are some great dorms, some great barracks, amazing DFACs out there, and I want to highlight those," Evans said in the article. "Then, whatever branch or service can use that data and see what barracks or dorms or that DFAC is doing well, they can compare it to the ones that are doing bad and can see what changes they need to make."

The launch of this app follows a recent nearly 100-page report by the Government Accountability Office that exposed dire living conditions in military barracks, including issues like sewage problems causing unpleasant odors, discolored tap water, and insect infestations. These problems were further exacerbated by security issues, with some bases facing challenges such as the inability to secure doors and squatters occupying the premises.

Over the years, has extensively covered the issues related to military barracks and living conditions, shedding light on the problems faced by service members stationed at various bases across the United States and even internationally. Evans, drawing from his personal experience of difficult living conditions at Fort Stewart in the early 2000s, emphasized his goal to ensure that his children, and others like them, can have a sense of pride and safety should they choose to serve in the military, he told

The U.S. Army has announced plans to invest $4 billion in barracks construction and renovations, aiming to reach 100% funding for barracks sustainment as authorized by Congress. Evans is currently working on developing an Android version of the "Hots&Cots" app. Ultimately, his aspiration is for the military to adopt a similar system or mechanism to provide service members with transparency regarding their living conditions, potentially rendering his app unnecessary.

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