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Pristine Mental Health looks to help service members and veterans

Pristine Mental Health (formerly Olympia TMS) has rebranded and offers its patients a welcoming environment. Photo credit: Pristine Mental Health

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In providing mental health services, Olympia TMS has rebranded to Pristine Mental Health in order to strengthen connections with patients and their families. The founder of Pristine Mental Health is Dr. David Penner, MD, a Harvard-trained, dual board-certified psychiatrist. 

Realizing the future of psychiatry had begun to shift toward the use of interventional methods - as opposed to the sole use of medications - in 2019 he began to implement the latest in interventional psychiatric therapy.

"He had treated numerous psychiatric aliments through traditional medication management and observed increasing unresponsiveness to this therapy," wrote Evelyn Gutierrez, director of business operations, in an email.

"Unsatisfied with dated and subpar treatment methodology, he began to use Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation, or TMS, and soon observed remarkable results."

As more patients demonstrated improvements in conquering their mental health challenges, Penner expanded the use of TMS and added more providers to offer comprehensive and holistic mental health care.

Along with the use of TMS, Penner integrates other forms of treatment through the use of medication management and worker's compensation claims, primarily first responders with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, to fulfill his vision of providing a personalized approach to treating his patients.

Pristine Mental Health offers patients' evaluation and medication management, Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) Therapy, and Worker's Compensation Evaluations and, when appropriate, Claim Management.

"Our primary focus is to treat anxiety, depression and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder," added Gutierrez. "We want prospective patients to come as they are, and after initial consultation we will design a personalized mental health plan based on our service offerings."

She also pointed to a timely example of how Pristine Mental Health's holistic approach had helped former service members.

A number of veterans who are now in law enforcement had experienced a traumatic event while on the job which prevented them from fully functioning while on duty.

"After a series of appointments, we've been able to help them overcome their PTSD," she pointed out.

Along with its rebranding, Pristine Mental Health is strengthening its connection to its patients through the opening of a second, new Hawks Prairie Clinic in Lacey.

"Suicide rates continue to increase, and we want to help stop this trend by making mental health treatments accessible and known. For this reason, we recently opened a second clinic in Lacey near Hawks Prairie to better serve the military community at Joint Base Lewis-McChord," concluded Gutierrez.

The Hawks Prairie Clinic is located at 8765 Tallon Lane, NE, Suite Q, Lacey; the West Olympia Clinic is located at 1801 West Bay Dr. NW, Suite 104, Olympia.

To provide potential clients with some direction, Pristine Mental Health has three different quizzes prospective patients can take on its website. The links are;; and

For more information, call (360) 539-1736 or visit


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