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McChord Reserve maintainer helps repair damaged C-17


McChord Reserve maintainer helps repair damaged C-17

MCCHORD FIELD - A 141-ton, $180 million C-17 Globemaster III departs the snow-covered runway at a critical Forward Operating Base in the combat zone. The position of the aircraft blocks the runway and prevents other aircraft from landing, thereby limiting re-supply options. It is clear that the aircraft must be moved.

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Requirements updated for new Rifle Qualification Course

  Passing the Air Force's new Rifle Qualification Course just got a little more challenging for 446th Airlift Wing Reservists. In November 2011, the Air Force began rolling out an updated rifle fire course for the M-4, which is the assault rifle replacing the M-16 as the standard-issue

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Ending an era: Reflections on leaving Iraq

When Maj. Tony Edwards took his last look around the supply warehouse, which was once a bustling place of activity and full of supplies, he marveled at its emptiness.   "It was completely vacated, as it should be," said Edwards, who was the 321st Expeditionary Logistics Readiness

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'Top Shot' becomes American on his McChord tour

The first time British citizen Iain Harrison came to the Pacific Northwest, he landed at McChord Field, Wash. as a Royal Army infantryman. Twenty years later, the first season winner of the History Channel's "Top Shot" returned to become a U.S. citizen aboard a C-17 Globemaster

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